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YO! Im makeing a new video soon Titled as "Durability of liberty spikes" and i need your help/opinions.

so yeah, i might be making another video soon, not sure yet? but its gana be about the Durability of liberty spikes: using got2b glued and freeze spray.
so im basically gana show everyone how durable the product is by doing some and im going to be answering the most common question that people with Mohawks/liberty spikes get, like how do you sleep, how do you shower and other Questions.....should i make it??

...if you guys know any other common Questions you guys get that you would like me to answer, or if you have your own questions about the spikes?
hopefully i couls use some for me video.

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sounds good honestly it helped me i saw ur vid b4 i found this site i saw it on youtube thats how i did my hair amazing and informative
Fuck yea, do it!!!!!!! Also what you should do is see how many things you can stab through/break by stabbing. Like a soda can, a plate. denim, styrofoam cup. Things like that. Fuck... try a brick. Hahahaha
effects of wind on hair? lol
Yea! He could go to a wind tunnel they test cars with. Lol.
You should have a list of common questions being asked by "normal" people, and have it answered? Lol like sleeping would be fun (upside down in a closet, what?!) haha
I saw that on youtube. Funny as shit. Pov could make up his own answers to them or something too.

you should watch it. You'd prolly like it.
oh i gotta use some of those answers.
a friend of mine always used to say he used cat semen to get his hair up.
Go in the mosh, Hardcore dance, Parkour, Get into a fight, Swim........there are more but ill say em when i can think straight
Most common ones I get are
What if it rains

People don't tend to believe I can sleep or get in a car, untill they see my spikes unfold as I get out of my car!
Epoxy-mil would be the solution for all. hhahahha
Here in Panama, when I take the bus to travel is a shit for several reasons.
1-Ever hit someone with my spikes
2-I can't sleep on the trip
3-People see me as if they had seen SATANÁS (Ignorant society)
4-Children touching my hair (hate that)
.........I sleep with my head out of bed ........i prefer glue, someday I have to wash my hair =)
where can i see ur videos?
youtube, a link is on the main page
you know what would be awesome ...would liberty spikes or a mohawk survive a rollar coaster..i was going to go to a theme park but idk if i should put my mohawk up or not ..that would be an awesome thing to test ..and i would really like to see the vid it sounds hella helpful


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