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New "how to" Video up on youtube

Here's my newest video, I think its my best one, I took the good parts from the last 2 videos and made this one. If you like it, click that little subscribe button on the top… Continue

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No Hawk This Time

Well my yearly tradition has been thrown off yet again. for the second year in a row i won't be rockin my hawk. i like to keep it shaved with no guard or completely bic'd during the summer then i grow it out all winter. once it warms up i hawk it and rock it till the beginning/middle of summer. not this year tho. not last year either. last year i had to be in my cousins wedding (best man) and i wasn't even going 2 try to have a hawk. not that it wasn't considered, but his wife wouldn't have… Continue

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In Edmonton

Well im in edmonton finally my home town fuck do i miss this place and all my friends, last time i was here i had a kick ass time good shows good friends and of course good drinking. I'm having a kick ass time seeing friends i havent seen in 2 years or more fuck yah! Chris is hitching from winnipeg to come to dead jesus soooo excited. Seriously so many fucken shows coming up, gonna party hard. you know the black out party hard style haha.

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Yeaa man...Volleyball rocksss!!!

Today i made my schools volleyball team!!
...And im the CAPTAIN!!!
I love volley ball!!

lol i was bored and i wanted to make a blog so yea!!!!

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Good Intentions and Sexual Tension...

Ever been in the situation when someone unattractive to you has come up and complimented you? And then you feel awkward and worry about it?

I have - though I'm getting better now spotting the real problems from the imagined ones, with people being attracted to me.

Nearly everyone I've met hasn't been a real problem - just my fears about it cause me to worry.

I had one person a few months ago take rejection really good. It was basically, in a pub, and they'd… Continue

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Cemetery Girl (Poem)

Cemetery Girl

My corpse is decomposing in my coffin

The awful and putrid stench is blowing up the place

I can hear the insects eating away at my coffin for they know that a feast of rotten flesh is near

My blood no longer runs through my veins; it is cold and dissolving

My soul is trapped within this shell and in desperation I am screaming to get out

I cry to God my Savior night after night begging Him to release me

I wait for an answer and I await in… Continue

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Would anyone cut off their hawk for a girl or a guy? (Everyone's input would be appreciated)

Just wondering what you would do because earlier, me and my so called "best friend" were in a bar helping a few friends with a show(i filled in on guitar for them and he tagged along)and he started telling me all this shit about how i need to cut off my hawk and grow my hair shaggy like that little bitch zac efron. I got pissed!! Im like,"Why the fuck should I?? Look like every other abercrombie clone that walks around with their head up there ass??" He starts listing all like things wrong with… Continue

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on adding a few new toys to my bike

Decided my bike was due a much needed overhaul and upgrades, so iv splashed some cash on a full shimano deore hydraulic disc brake setup front and back, break and gear levers new grips new rear wheel (to accommodate the disk)

currently waiting delivery of a new mount for the caliper as the one i was supplied does not fit my style of bike and also waiting for a new 7 cog cassette)…


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Some days..

I just want to give all of you a fantastic hug. I look forward to coming on when I have the time to see whats up, and wish I had a virtual hug button. I guess I could maybe call you guys a second family, and definitely not get weird looks or responses. Ya know?

Except for the silly flamers and haters, and trolls.



(I refuse to feed them virtual affection via hugs)

Maybe one day we can have a convention. How fucking awesome would… Continue

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Punk Article

Punk. What defines punk? Well we could go by the literal definition,

meaning we are all homosexual cats, or even bark on a tree. That makes no

sense to me. Now we could also argue that it is simply music, a style of

playing instruments and singing. I choose none of the above. I instead

choose it as a sub-culture. It is a culture that appealed to the unhappy people

in society. The people who in society hated the norm, and the people that

didn't like everything that… Continue

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The Rules! Of! Punk!

Thought punk didn't have rules, eh? You're wrong, fuckers! Punk is dead and all, so to bring it back we need to lay down the law and.eliminate the poseurs!

1. The number one rule of punk is that you are not punk. Do not, in any situation, refer to yourself as punk. Referring to yourself as punk is automatic grounds for your exclusion. From punk.

2. Everyone except you and your group of friends is a poseur. Not that you call yourself punk.

3. Every time you call someone else… Continue

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Worlds Greatest Shave 2009

Every year 100,000 people around Australia shave off or colour their hair to help raise money and awareness for the Leukaemia Foundation in what's called The Worlds Greatest Shave. I thought it was a worthy cause.

8:50am: I'm almost at work. I'm coming up to the stage at the shopping centre and there's a few people setting up chairs and a table. I'm fairly certain they saw me and my spikes walk past on the way to the… Continue

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get a life

Tourtour is busting my balls cause he dont like my post...the fucker dont no that isa a fuckn blog...thats where ya rite wahts goin on.

Dude hate to tell ya but it s 7 am...just got home an wasted...i no you think it aint right but i dont care man.

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The Memories

These memories are like a good story gone wrong, when I think about how happy I was when I was with you it hurs so much to know that there will not be another chance like that fo me so I only have to play this song fo… Continue

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My monthly based blog. Nothing much, just trying to see if I m good at writing shit.

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just ggot the fuck home

its 7:15 am an jjust got the fuck home after full nite of partyin my balls off. I fucked some chick in the mens piss room at a bar last nite...totally rocked. She was starin at my ink an metal an i went over an bought her a brew...then started talkin....2 hours later shared a joint in the mens piss room then bout hour later went back in....she held my fuckn pierced dick while i pissed an before i new it we were in a shit room stall fuckin like fuckn animals. HELL FUCKN YEA! who ever… Continue

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