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Gonna cut my hair this week or next. It will be my first attempt at a mohawk.

Generally, Minnesota is looked at as a democratic state. Im not generalizing, but democrats seem more "accepting" as far as social abnormalties like mohawks go. I live in the city of St.Cloud, pop. about 60,000+. It is one of the biggest cities around here. Im interested in seeing what the reactions of people will be when I walk in public. Even though we are considered a "democratic state" I somehow landed in a hard-ass conservative area, or at least that is the vibe I get when I talk to alot of people in the city. But what should prove to be even more interesting: going to school with it. I dont go to school in St.Cloud, I go to Cold Spring, A small town about 20 minutes out. It seems to me like a lot of small towns tend to be conservative, and as a whole , this one is. Many kids come to school riding pick-up trucks adorned with confederate flags (but they say its not rascist! its southern pride ya'll!) wearing blaze orange. When hunting season opens, I expect at least of third of the males (and a lot of the women to) to be missing some school to go out huntin'. These are not usually the people who are accepting of people who go against the grain. Oh well, I guess it will be an experiment of sorts =].

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Comment by Segadoway on August 23, 2008 at 3:42am
yeah i know the feeling, my area is derro central and even if you wear a black shirt you are criticised, but where is the fun of having a moahwk if you arent prepared to get some shit for it! but yeah i guess you just basically said that.
Comment by nathan palmer on August 30, 2008 at 7:48pm
glad it ant like that over in the uk.....


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