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What kind of attention does your mohawk attract?

First off, I'd like to say that Im going to be hacking myself a mohawk this summer. I plan on doing the duct tape method. I'd do it sooner but I plan on getting a job in a month or so. I figure if they already have me hired and THEN I get a hawk, they wont get rid of me.

But I was wondering what kind of attention your cut gets. Im sure you get plenty of it , but what kind. Good, Bad, Enthusiastic, tell me your experience.

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A picture is worth a thousand words!
i usually get starred at quite a bit. Get ready to answer lots of questions. mostly how do you get it to stay up like that?, Can i touch it?, How long does it take to fix it like that?, and my favorite Why did you cut your hair like that?. havent met anyone that really had a negative reaction to it. Its different plain and simple, and most people are curious about it. yes there will be some that poke fun at it, but take it with a grain of salt. There are *choice word deleted* people out there, but as long as you stay positive you'll be fine. Mine was the best thing i have ever done. I was very anti sociable, but now i have no problems being around people that i dont know. Me and my wife a couple friends went to a musical festival this time last year. I had more pictures taken of me by complete strangers than i did with my friends. i wish i could a couple of them, because one was with a group of retired school teachers visting graceland for the first time. They wanted A picture to take home and show their grandkids. All in all i wouldnt change a thing about doing it except i wish i had done it earlier.
sorry about the novel. I'm bored at home taking care of the lil one and need adult interaction... help the wiggles are stealing my soul. just kidding
I get asked all of those questions and then the most stupid question of all...get ready for this. "Is that real?"
lol i get asked that often.
i really never had to worry about the people that talk with there fists, but then again most of the time i am bigger than most people.
i always had to cause i may be tall but im also a stick so they tried to use me as a punching bag and that ended with me getting suspended cause someone would open their mouth and i would force my fist through it ^^
but ive calmed alot now and im just the kid that looks 16 and is 6'5 with the hair down and i wear baggy clothing to hide my size so i guess i could look pretty intimidating lol
I live in a largely conservative college town that masks its conservative nature with liberal talk etc.

Anyway, I am the only one with a brightly colored mohawk here. Some others have them but they are not colored and usually not spiked. Combined with my "extreme" dress it gets a lot of reactions. Anybody who says anything to my face and up front is always nice or inquisitive. How I get it standing, how long it takes etc. I have had many people take pictures of me and me standing WITH them...that is interesting.

A lot of people give me looks of disgust and the whole they think they are better than me attitude. This is very apparent in my hometown full of wealthy snobs. Not as bad when I am in cities. Occasionally I hear drunk bar dick heads talk shit about me which I ignore and just keep walking. besides some guy throwing a rock at me none have ever followed through nor do I think they ever will. I am not huge but I am by no means small and I have an appearance that most would be cautious to fuck with and having many scars on the arms aids that and gives them further caution.

Anyway, the comments, both good and bad are a novelty to me that became a bit old. Sure it is nice that people ask about it and want pictures etc but it got to the point that I don't care about dealing with it but don't want to be that punk asshole that just gives people attitude. I don't like bad attitudes and the whole perception a lot of people have of punk rockers so if they address me with a courteous nature I will do so in return.

One thing is for sure though, after awhile you think you have encountered it all and you will be shocked. =) Last week I was stopped at a light and some teen girls were about to cross the street by my car and they saw me and literally said "Oh my god" a bunch of times and turned and went the other way. I found it hilarious in a way and had a laugh.

As for jobs....they WILL fire you in a heartbeat if they have policies against things like that and a lot of chains and non-independent businesses do. Show up with a mohawk or any dyed hair and they may fire you on the spot or they may give you the choice of being fired or cutting it off to save your job.

My opinion...fuck your job and cut it in if thats what YOU wanna do. though life is by no means glamorous (or glamorous by the standards most know) without a job and income or limited income, it can be done and is done every single minute. Just have to know how to handle it all.

that is just my belief and ideals. I have vowed never to work in the shitty wage-slavery inducing exchange economy again and constantly work towards finding more ways of supporting myself, my friends and others without supporting all the bullshit policies we have.

good luck with it all
nice insite. Unfortunatley for me, if it comes down to mohawk or job, I need to take the job at this time. Maybe in the future I will be able to choose. I dont suppose any of you know weather or not the Coborns food chains allow emplyoes to have hawks?
well i had this problem as well and almost shaved my hawk off to start looking but try the fast food (its pretty shitty) but at least they let you keep it since you wear a hat when on duty...
fuckn hear ya man. if they dont like how ya look...fuck em all. Im a long hair with loads of tats an piercings...been fired an dont give a shit. my kids got a hawk an he flips em the bird if necessary. FUCKN A

your fuckn rite man....fuck the system dude....  if they dont like how you look fuck em...dont change for some dick head employee  there are ways to get buy without a fuckn job....matter of fact today im wearin a beater that says FUCK WORK


keep the hawk...if they threten to fire if they dont...keep the job...then go to the next step an show up with ya septem ring in a week later




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