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I have been rocking the mohawk for almost a year strong now , and everywhere I go (no matter if its the local tavern, parties, or just on the street) a wide variety of people walk up to me out of the blue and say things like i love your hair . it suprises me because i live in a small town with little or no punkage rep(actually i think im the only one around sporting the hawk).... i was just wondering if you guys get the same thing >?

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I get compliments all the time. Doesn't surprise me at all that you get them as well.
yes. i get many people who like it, many disgusted looks from the pseudo-liberals, many "what the fuck is up with that guy?" looks, and many people wanting pics of it, wanting to touch it, or asking about it.

And we seemingly live in similar situations. There are NO other punks of any type in this town.
haha yeah im always gettin compliments. sometimes from old ladies too haha kinda weird. n while there is alot of people that hate it or think 'hawks look stupid, theres also alot who love it.
i get a mix of good compliments like wow your hair looks ace but then you get the close minded idiots who just say you look a dick etc

i also get people asking for pictures lots too but the most common thing i get asked is how do you get your hair like that
hah best question is
how do you sleep at night?!

what?! have i killed someone?

This made me lol.
just in general more people like to approach me now. it always random things too.
it could be for driving directions, where to find some weed, or maybe to buy some kids alcohol.
i guess they look around and say, "hey, ask that kid with the mohawk over there." of course i'm that kid with the mohawk.
compliments, stares, children cowering in fear..ive had it all. the worst was my trip to vegas, i was stopped litterally at least once every half hour for pictures or questions.. and i was there for three days. joy!
lol the prices we pay for cool hair =] x
yep all the time.. theres a butt load of ppl who walk around with the hawk in my town and I still get weird looks and compliments. Overall I wouldnt change a thing.
omg. yes all the time, it never stops, lol, i live in Florida and where i live there are a bunch of people,
ive only seen like 2 other mohawks with the past 5 months, and theres not as big as mine ( 11" )
and theres alot of people that just stare, its funny at time, and the 2 most frequently asked questions are " how do you sleep" and how long dose it take. lol


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