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I was once almost suspended from school for sitting with my friend in a tree that was almost 5 ft off the fucken ground. They made a hugh deal about if I fell and broke my neck that it would be the schools fault. Have you ever been in a situation where the logic and reason for your schools authority just made no freaken sense?

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Unfortunately, they are probably right in this situation. This country has become so sue-happy and mind-numbingly not-responsible-for-myself sheep ridden, that these rules have to be there. I remember a school in Idaho got sued by a kid who mooned his friend out of his dorm room window, fell out and hurt himself. Of course he won the lawsuit, since they didn't have warnings on the window sills. Similar to the dumb McDonalds coffee incident.

Until we get juries that won't fall for creepy lawyers emotional speeches about pain vs personal responsibility, this will be a knee-jerk solution. Its rule of all due to stupidity of one. I also think we need a pay if you lose type system. If you bring a stupid civil case to court and the jury says so, you need to pay the court and the opponent at the bare minimum their court costs and time. This way people won't be as easily influenced to waste everyones time hoping to play the lawsuit lotto for free.
Similar problem, I just got sent this by a friend from the states...

I'm really getting sick of all this overprotective crap. I'm just leaving school this year and at our 6th year trip our teachers wouldn't let me and a bunch of other people drive to the place we were going because if we crashed the school would be libable. This would be fine but me and the other people who wanted to drive live closer to where we were going than to the school so we essentialy endured an extra 2hours of sitting on a bus only to have to go and drive back there ourselves when we were brought back to school.

Seriusly, I'm glad I never have to go back there now. ugh!
Wow, kids can't even touch each other at the school now. Sucks to be the last kid tagged as 'it' I guess.

Thats also dumb what they made you do. Funny how our societies are having to now reduce ourselves down to the dumbest common demonator.

While we are trying to be all 'green' and protect the earth from ourselves, lets also reinstate natural selection. Protecting idiots from themselves isn't natural and its hurting society and weakening the overall genetic pool.

Too many people are living on past their natural selection stage only to reproduce and suck up resources causing things like gas to be more expensive for everyone. I'm sorry, its not nice or PC but in the long haul of human civilazation there is something to be said for survival of the fit. Live and let die.
I agree with you. I think that if someone can't take care of themselves, then they should put the weight on the rest of the country.
well my cousin got suspendid for like a week because he was in P.E. class and he took a leak in the woods because his bitch of a teacher wouldnt let him use the bathroom, lol I felt sorry for em' he had like all A's in school too...

Also I can't wear my D.I.Y. Jeans or Vest at my local skating rink because there supposedly too "Ratty" which is ridiculous'
I used to really be into wearing padlocks. I bought a big padlock and started to wear it as a necklace. My friend had given me a dog collar chain with a loop on each end and so I locked the padlock on each loop once the chain was around my neck. At first it was really heavy, but it was never uncomfortable and I was very careful to always have the keys with me just in case. Once or twice a I had my PE teacher ask if the chain and lock was uncomfortable. I always replied, "No, if it was I would take it off."

One day I was called into the office and the school counselor asked me if the necklace was uncomfortable. I replied, "No." She claimed that several of my teachers had come to her saying that they were concerned that the padlock was hurting me. I explained that I was wearing the padlock simply because I liked it, and that I still had the keys to it. I could take it off it was bothering me. But it didn't. So I didn't. She asked that I unlock it and let her try it on so she could see if it hurt her. I agreed, because then she'd be able to see that It really was that big of a deal.

Apparently it was. She was very polite about it, don't get me wrong, but she said that I shouldn't wear it anymore so that I don't concern my teachers. She even offered to give me her necklace instead!

One of my more honorable, intelligent and kind teachers explained that it probably had nothing to do with concern for my well-being. He told me that my other teachers probably just didn't like it and didn't want me wearing it. Looking back his explanation made more sense, considering that my school counselor even said, "It doesn't look like something a young lady should wear."

This upsets me for several reasons:

1. The teacher who had talked to me about it knew that it didn't make me uncomfortable and that I still had the keys.

2. The teachers that hadn't spoken to me about it were, in my opinion, insulting my intelligence. Did they really think that I would lose the keys to a fashion accessory that could be a potential danger?

3. What if they did do it just because they don't like my style... That would be so ignorant of them! I don't tell the teachers what they should wear, why should they tell me!? Because seriously, I'd like to give a few fashion tips to those losers.

4. They had no reason to tell me to take it off. It wasn't hurting me. It wasn't hurting them. It wasn't hurting my fellow peers. It clearly wasn't hurting anyone.

5. I wear a padlock and they freak out. But I can have a mohawk, fishnets, mini skirts and gothic gloves? Other girls can wear accessories with the playboy bunny and pot leaves on them? I don't see what it is about a padlock thats so disturbing.

6. That padlock was one of the coolest and unique fashion ideas I have ever come up with!

I understand that the symbolism behind a padlock can have some negative connotations. Padlocks can be associated with control and slavery. But what about security and protection?
Somethings are just baffling. The padlock necklace seems like a pretty cool idea. Maybe you should have just told them it was the padlock that locked your grandfathers WWII chest that he gave you before he died and was very sentimental. Stupid you'd have to make up a story though.

Any pictures of said padlock necklace? Sounds like an interesting idea.
i go to a charter school in arkansas im totaly against every thing there for. they make us wear uniforms and make us tuck in are shirts. i had my shirt untucked one day and i got after school detention for a month. the principle said that if i got on trouble again id get kicked out. stupid loser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
then get kicked out it sounds like its the better option
yeah then my mom will kick my ass. lol
if u are as u say an anarchist ian then you wouldnt care if you got kicked out....
lol, yeah..


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