Mohawks Rock

not really lol
i just wanted everyone to know i trained with this guy (rhys) today as well as 15 or so others.
if anyone wants more info on parkour pm me

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Watched that video and it is pretty damn cool!

So you are working on doing that stuff? It is very ninja-like and thus awesome
yeah it is extremely awesome, but im nowhere near these guys they amazing lol
It was cool - though I wouldn't have trusted that tree branch at 1:30 :D

Watching how they grip and clamber up cement makes me wonder if they choose treads with good grip on their kicks or does it not really matter?
yeah frip is really important but so are shock, support, durability and of cousre style xD
I embedded the video in the comment, in case people just wanted to watch it here. It is very cool. I look forward to the parkour video with mohawks in action.

In other news, what happens when you miss. ouch! Still, its pretty inspirational to watch. The song works really well too.
For some reason I thought parkour as some kind of card game. Guess I'm really out of it.

Looks like gymnastics on steroids. You must be really athletic. I don't think I could have attempted that stuff even when I was in good shape foe ice hockey and skiing.

Any chance this may one day become an Olympic event? It should.
there was a worldwide freerunning championships but it was an urban freeflow event (sell outs) and so they destroyed the whole thing, parkour would probably never be a competition sport its against the principles of parkour, also GMM we try not to miss lol, and when we do we breakfall....usually.
yes im working on a mohawk parkour video ill post it when its done xD
breakfall? is that kind of like the rolling thing I saw in the video?
yeah, sometimes, a brekfall can be any technique that you use to stop hurting yourself in the event of a bail
me and my friends say that a lot
i do it all the time with my friends


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