Mohawks Rock

a mate pointed out to me the dangers of a mohawk.
it is difficult to wear a hat and if you do you look like a knob
and short of wearing sunscreen 24/7 is a mohawk a danger to skin cancer?

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i would think no less than having your hands, arms, or any other skin exposed to the sun.
pretty much says it all..

i would very much advise wearing sunscreen/sunblock on your head when you go out through because a sunburn on your shaved head hurts like a fucking bitch!
yes this is truth! This happened to me this summer. shaved hawk back in...out all day....hurt to sleep for almost a week =(

I think it was even more irritating when the stubble started growing in seeing as I shave mine to the skin every few sucked is the point
haha, you don't live in australia
from what ive been told so cal weather is very very much like most of aus..just less humid then most areas
bleh who cares...we still love to wear it anyway. Besides, everything is bad for you these days...right?
haha yeah, i am of the same mind xD
I heard Australia was worse because of the ozone issues, but haven't heard much about it lately. I'm guessing the ozone didnt just magically repair itself, or maybe I have bad information.

I know a study just came out that said tall women are at higher risk for skin cancer.
I usually managed to miss a spot when trying to sunscreen my head for rugby, end up with a burnt splotch some wheres silly. But I suppose that's the danger with being a pale person in the sun most of the time.
I wear sunscreen if I'm outdoors for a length of time (ie: a Tigers baseball game). I also wear shades, which not only protects the eyes, but makes for a cool look.
shades are indeed very badass

i never feel right with them but I do often play in stores and put on those crazy 70's Highway Patrol really clashes with the rest of my wardrobe but it IS awesome.....I am now convinced as of typing this...that cops become cops so they can rock the bad ass shades =p
huh it must be worth all the community hate....
anyway i get to cut a mohawk tommorrow and soon make a 14 inch one xD


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