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alright me and a few freinds are having a huge situation about the different ways to wear your hawk. some say that its not right to have a hawk and never put it up and then some say its fine to always leave it down ( like me, i never put it up). so i want everyones input on this. Also whats everyones favorite style, i mean like liberty spikes,fanned,down,messy,pulled back, french braid, ect.

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I like liberty spikes as well as the fanned mohawk. When my hairs down I just comb it to the side or else I wear a devil lock.
i think wearing it up or down depends on your lifestyle. i have to wear mine down for work. i usually comb it to the side and flat iron it. looks fine. if you want to put the effort into keeping it up, by all means go for it! its bad for your hair tho, and if you want it to last, then you prolly should give it a couple days rest here and there. i like fans personally.
Liberty spikes are easier, but i think "fanned out" looks better. I like wearing it up but some times its a pain in the ass, u gotta sleep on your side and shit like that. most of the time though i just comb it to the side though
Well the styles are endless....

Let's try and dissect this one.

Down'd mohawk wish sides shaved
Down'd mohawk with side burns long
Down'd mohawk with sides and side burns long. Emo. :P
Down'd mohawk braided.
Down'd mohawk curled.
Down'd mohawk straightened
Down'd mohawk.. messy?
Down'd mohawk in dread locks. Dreadhawk.
Down'd mohawk hairsprayed into a point down the center of the face. Devilock.
Fanned mohawk with sides shaved
Fanned mohawk with sides shaved but fanned forward into face. Think Chris 2 from Anti Flag.
Fanned mohawk with side burns long
Fanned mohawk with bangs.
Fanned mohawk with bangs and sideburns. Chelsea Hawk.
Fanned mohawk with no back, just on the top of the head.
Liberty spiked mohawk with sides shaved
Liberty spiked mohawk with side burns long
Liberty spiked mohawk with bangs.
Liberty spiked mohawk with bangs and sideburns.
Liberty spiked mohawk with no back, just on the top of the head.

And any combination of any of those... I'm tired of thinking of new ones. The possibilities are endless.
That's a good rundown. :)
I wear the spartan 4" hawk , I have had many styles over the years and this type suits my work and lifestyle , I guess a hawk is like a dick , spends most of it's time down but when it's time to go out and play then it's better up ;)
Always put it up myself. I don't tend to fan out down the back, 'cause a) it's tricky; b) it'll just get flattened. Keeping it shortish makes it easy to maintain and I don't have the height really to carry off (IMHO) a really tall mohawk. Though I like them that way on others, 'gonna try growing it longer and spiking it though. =)
....theres no right or wrong to styling your hair. you do what makes you happy and everyone else can kiss your ass. end of..

i dig all styles personally, just depends on the person
Wear your hawk any way you want. There is no wrong or right way to do it, why have a different hair style if you have to wear it one way or another. I like the an and liberty spikes when I wear it up but I also wear it down a lot mine is long enough to wear it in a way you cant even tell I have a mohawk or I wear it pulled back. I really want to try a new way to wera my hair up but I cant figure out what I want to do with it. Do what ever you like best.
I prefer fanned.. but if I had one I'd be lazy as shit and would only put it up if like.. I had time.. which is almost never because I wake up like.. right before I leave for classes and stuff..
Personally, I think only some people can rock the liberty spikes and look good. But then again every haircut is that way.

But it's all personal choice.

But if you have a hawk I really think you should at least put it up sometimes. I mean, I'd kill to have one, and it's kinda like a taunt to me like.. "Hah! Bitch! You can't have one, but I have it and don't enjoy it!" But that's just me..
i suit both styles xD


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