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This blogger finds pictures around the web, or they get submitted to him of what he calls "Hot Chicks with Douche Bags". Its a pretty funny concept with some hilarious pictures and some very biting commentary especially in the comments. Its not exactly for the sensitive.

In any case, I just got a text from a friend today who pointed out that he has clued in on Giant Mohawk Man as indeed being a "DoucheBag". Now some people could get all very offended by this, but I think its a hilarious honor to be one of the so-called "scrotes" on his blog.

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Ah, heres another called "Hawk Returns". Apparently that is my nickname on the site. Not terribly creative but it works.

omg this was the first place i ever saw you Giant Mohawk Man!
this is hilarious, i knew i saw you somewhere.
i wouldnt mind being on this site, considering id have to be the hot chick and not the douche bag, lol
oh man, what about those orange guys huh?
ha ha ha, those orange guys are hilarious. Makes you wonder if they doctor those photos. Although I know they didn't doctor mine, since they all came from my own camera from my photo site. All they did was chop off my logo. ha!

Its one thing to get tabbed a douchebag, a whole nother to have it from your own camera.
At least this one has members Christine and Anna from the site. By the way, if you happen to find yourself on this site you can email him to take the pictures down.

Wow! Those comments are fucking relentless! Oh well, its still funny as hell.
I would say, that lots of real douchebags must comment on that site huh?
Fun site.
"I would say, that lots of real douchebags must comment on that site huh?"

would have to agree with that one!!
or would you....
it's like left tackle meet's Cheerleader , we know the secret to getting hot women ;)
Wow, I found that website a couple years ago when it first started out. It originally was pretty good but I guess now they're running out of decent material. I gotta say tho, I'd be honored to be featured on that website, lol.
or would you....


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