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How wide on your scalp is your mohawk? Cuz I'm thinking mine is ever so slightly too wide for my likeing. Mine is roughly 4 inches or 10 centimeters across (I'm not good at measuring things. lol)

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Wow, that is wide. I think mine is only about 1 inch wide.
yea mine is about that aswell
mines pretty wide at the base, close to 4 inches. im probably gonna thin it out whenever i get around to it.
1 1/2 to 2 inches wide is usually good for a tall hawk, really shouldnt need much wider then that!
mine is i dunno not more than 2 inches
I've seen some good ones wider than 4 inches...they look good for death hawks.
Yeah death hawks are wider but looks awesome nontheless. Generally the way you tell is the space between your eyebrows should be about the same as the width of your hawk. If you're going for a generic hawk.
what if your like me? i don't have any, i paint mine on everyday.

i also think that my hawk is too wide now, i doesn't need the support of the sides to keep it up anymore. i'm gonna thin it abit, it's about 4 inches wide atm
im confuzzles
i did mine the space between my eyes and its a touch two thin...maybe my eyes are too close together, idk. i guess it depends on height and hair thickness as well.
eyebrows not eyes :P
Though, not for someone with a monobrow.


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