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Me and a friend were having a disscusion, and can't decide. We've looked it up and no one seems to have a solid answer. Feel free to disscuss.

EDIT: Not really getting the response I was hoping for, and not many people seem to know. Most guesses lead to a Lucas film called "THX 1138," but I was looking for other opinions. I've even heard it was cop talk for grave robbers. I'll leave this post in this category for another day or two, but may change it to get it on the main page if there isn't a larger responce.

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I hate is 138
Care to elaborate?
I think its just a random song about androids. Probably based off a B horror movie or a comic book theme, Glen's really into comics.
Thats what I was thinking also at first, but it didn't seem..right. I don't really know why, but nothing really lead me to that after looking around abut it.

My best guess is the movie. THX 1138.
Well, with a little help from Josh (even if it wasn't directly) I think I've found it. This came from the website if anyone wants to check it out. Its copy and pasted word for word.

Based on George Lucas's 1971 science fiction film THX-1138, this song reflects the anonymity attached to living with a number for a name in a 25th century police state.

On July 1, 1996 Bobby Steele e-mailed the following to the Misfits Bible:

"We used to have badges with a picture of a robot with 138 on his forehead. I wonder if Jerry has one, or remembers it... He [Glenn] used to tell us that if someone asked what it meant, we should just laugh, and in a mocking tone say "What? You don't know?" and sound real snobby when you say it. Make them feel like every idiot but YOU knows what it means."

Jerry Only told a similar story to a fan after the July 27, 1996 show:

"'138' is like people being treated as androids where you have a number instead of a name, so it's like the human number would be a 138... We had buttons made once, they were robots with '138' that looked like half human android kinda things, long before your Terminator or stuff like that."

*Excerpt from The Misfits Book © 1989-2007 Mark Kennedy

Gavin O'Brien, former lead singer of the Faction, emailed the following tidbit to evilive's misfits page on June 10, 1998:

"Glenn told me that '138' was just something he and his friends thought up as kids. It was a code or something, meaning the ability to kill without thinking twice about it. He told us that the night Samhain played with the Faction in Santa Cruz, CA. We were at our guitar player's house where all of us stayed, here in San Jose."

5/10/85 Club Culture - Santa Cruz, CA. Insurgency, Mistaken Identity, The Faction, and Samhain

Glenn Danzig's response to a question I asked during the Danzig Chat held on January 27, 2000 at

evilive: "What did you intend for 138 to stand for? I've read Jerry Only's and Bobby Steele's take on it..."
Glenn Danzig: "They didn't write it and they don't know what the fuck its about it. It's about violence."
Think that about sums it up without even giving an answer. But hey, fuck Danzig, who knows?
glad i could help, indirectly of course lol i saw that link, thought about pursuing it, put on some Frank Sinatra and went to sleep instead. I'm a lazy bastard lol

and on a side note, Danzig as a person comes off as an asshole who seems wrapped up in his own success, but he did a damn good job singing for the Misfits lol
So fucking true. Who the hell sues the band they helped start and sang with for more than 10 years?!
oh believe me i can see where he was coming from, when you start a band and make it your own and you write all the music and lyrics and pour yourself so much into it, it enrages you to see the people that contributed minimally try to take it away from you to make more money for themselves off of your creativity. Bands PLAY together, doesn't mean that they actively WRITE everything together and thats why when bands break up it can be a huge ordeal.

The band I used to be in broke up because of a variety of reasons but that very issue was the main one, I was the Glenn Danzig to that band, I literally did everything, I wrote the music, I wrote the lyrics, planned the practices, set up the punk nights at the venue, (I made shitloads of phone calls through all of this), taught the other guys the music when they were too lazy to go home and practice (happened alot) played guitar and sang lead vox until I INSISTED (as in overruled the band's popular opinion) that we get someone else to sing the vocals. I just couldnt handle all that pressure and responsibility. They were also getting mad at me because i wanted to put our music on cd's and hand them out for free to anyone who wanted one whereas they wanted to make money and "get big", so i told them to get jobs if they wanted money.

The band formally broke up shortly after we booted our violin player (21 years old) out for sucking on the necks of 15 year old jailbait at the venue. Then a few months later without so much as a phone call or text message they "reformed" without me and the lead singer, kept the band name (which i came up with) locked us out of the myspace account with MY music on it and made plans to chase their teenage rock n' roll dream of playing celtic rock for money.

When I confronted them they said i "had no room to complain" and that i quit and they fired the lead singer without so much as a phone call or a reason other than "we dont like him as a person". I told them that if i caught wind of them playing ANY of my songs (i wrote their entire set list) i was going to sue them and or beat them because i have them copyrighted. Even though their plans for a reformation fell through and the band is forever no more, as a result of their blatantly hostile actions, there are two of them i dont speak to and i will kick the living shit outta them should the occasion arise.

so if you made it through that ridiculously long tale, bands are a very fragile thing, work and creativity arent always given in fair amounts, some people deserve more for what they have done, egos flair up and alot of people get hurt so to speak.
I never really looked at it that way...
That reallly sucks. =/ Sorry to hear that, but on the bright side it was an excellent analogy!
Sorry, dude, but it looks like we're at another disagrement. I'm not the biggest expert on the 'Fits, but I'm pretty sure Danzig was the one at fault. Its no secret that the break up was caused by Only and 'Zig going separate ways, but Danzig was the one who wanted to go big. Only and the crew didn't like what Danzig was doing because they were all about the fans. And just because Danzig wrote most of they're songs doesn't mean that the rest of the band were useless assholes. I mean, look at the way Danzig has gone: Got in a TEN YEAR legal battle with his band, formed a more conformist/not as good/ kinda black metal/whatever-the-fuck Samhain was, dissolved that band, then started ANOTHER band with his name as the name of the band! I just don't see how all this adds up.

And BTW, I had the same idea of putting up free CDS on posters! (If we ever record music, that is :P) I guess great minds have great ideas, even if they are different XD


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