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I had a yard sale this weekend since I'm moving to Tampa FL in a week. and this lady bought this brown night stand on Saturday i was selling. well today she knocked on my door and had told me she had bought a night stand from me, and had found 50 dollars rolled up inside it. and handed me the 50 dollar bill, and said she would have felt bad to keep the money. (I didn't even know there was 50 bucks in it.) I thanked her for coming all this way to return the money. She told me Merry Christmas and left. it was very fucking nice of her to return that money.
This helped restore some of my faith in humanity.

Has anyone had something like this happen to them?

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You are lucky... In my country, there arent any kind people like this woman. This summer, I lost my wallet, with all my money (nearly 51 dollars) and my identity card, a card with my adress, and everything like these stuff in it, but I never got it back. I'm sure that somebody found it. I dont really care about the money, but I missed my other stuff... It was a bad day for me, I was too drunk I guess... 

Damn, I'm sorry you lost your wallet.if i had found it, i would have returned it :D. it's rare to have someone do something so kind as this lady did.

Though not often it seems that every once in a while someone will show you that there is good people out there not totally corrupted by the media and there upbringings. There's always going to be people who rise above it is just amazing how they find a place in our lives sometimes :)

I returned 40 bucks to a guy at a bar cause he left money in the atm. He tried giving me ten bucks for the honesty, but I turned it down. 

Another time I watched this asshat on the bus drop his wallet. Instead of giving it back I waited till he left and I swiped it. It had expired ID and a bus pass. 

Karma, it comes and goes. 


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