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Anyone else live in a town with absolutely no punk scene?

No local bands no other punks, just a bum fuck town.

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What the hell is "b00tal"? Over here it's all about "swag" ...... it's annoying
Haha, it's internet for hardcore. Idk, I guess they're attempting to be cleaver by using leet?

LOL The br00tal kids here go to the hardcore shows and mosh by standing in the middle and waving their arms around. I fucking hate it haha


I'm super rad...


tell your mum, tell your dad

:D Thank you.

yeah i live in high springs fl im the onley one around here but meh my frinds are pritty grate


That is not that bad at all, you are in the middle of like 4 big cities! Jax, Tampa, Gainesville, and Orlando

houston is alright. know a few from this site that live in houston. and its just a group nothing to huge. 


i lived in a town with no punk scene and moved to a different one and still nothing. fuck.
Memphis has shitty metal and worse rap. I have literally 4 friends that i ever want to see cuz everyone else is a dick or stupid or both. The blues is ok, but as far as punk goes, if I've seen a show I went way out of town to do it. This town sucks.
I thought this was the case till I came back from uni in the summer, and went to this one pub loads where I kept meeting punks who all knew each other and was surprised I didn't know any of their friends - turns out there was always a bit of a scene, I just missed out becoming a part of it!  A few years ago there was actually an awesome scene in my part of the UK because The Filaments were from the next town over from me (if you don't know them check them out btw)


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