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I'm sure if this group grows, there will be more involved threads. So..
Let's start with introductions.

We know each other, sure, but we don't always know what one another are up to.
Who are you, what do you want to be, and what do you go to school for? *and anything else you can think of.

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Well I'm actually a graduate, I graduated in 2006 with an Associates in Culinary Arts but ended up hating it. Took some time off then decided to go back to school for Massage therapy. I just finished in August and am currently working as a private contractor for bodyMechanics as a massage therapist. So I am confident to say that I am the only mohawked massage therapist in Alaska as well as the only High School swim coach with a mohawk. So there ya go. Oh and my name is Adam and live in Anchorage Alaska.

(I actually didn't have a mohawk when I went to school the first time. But got it half way through massage school)
associates computer science degree (blah...what a waste of time that was), American Marine Institute grad with honors (cert to work on anything with and engine that floats) right now im working as a marine engineering tech for a large boat company working mostly on military and fire dept boat electrical systems and own my own marine nav-tronics company, working mostly on 60+ fl boat navigation systems. Currently i am working on getting my GROL plus Radar endorsement followed by my CMET ( will be 1 of 4 people in FL with CMET..... if i pass the test of course).
My hairstyle has no effect on my work, a point i seem to have had to prove time and time again, no so much anymore though this last year has been great, people kinda know me now because of the work i do.... gotta love a reputation that is good enough to have rich boat owners not care about a monster mohawk fixing their boat. hahaha
i work all over central FL, though i live on the east coast south of lame daytona beach.....

Hi my name's Josh I'm from Claremore (the middle of fucking nowhere) Oklahoma but currently i live in Norman Oklahoma attending what is reffered to as the crown jewel of learning in our state the University of Oklahoma. I don't have my hawk anymore (parents were paranoid that professors at the most liberal college in the state wouldnt get it) but i'm a bit of a skin right now. I can usually be seen walking around campus in my studded jacket and combat boots smoking a cigarette lol.

I go to the University of Oklahoma to study psychology, i want to get a degree in psychology and go pre-med so i can go to grad school and become an M.D. psychiatrist. As a person who has suffered from depression in the past, and has become aware of the rapid growth of suicide rates amongst veterans, teens, and Native Americans I feel that it is my calling to do something to try and help others.

Everytime i go out in this town i am conducting a social experiment, when people find out that i am a psych major they are paranoid that i am analyzing them, but i guess to an extent i do. I hope to get some tattoos my first one i think will be the crest of my scottish clan, i miss my mohawk and i plan to regrow it for the summer.
I know sociology and psych are different, but I used to have to go out and do observations and experiments. That was always fun!!
then you might have a decent go at me lol i got alot of shit goin on in my head
I am Paige! Uhm, yes, but I pretty much will answer to anything - have multiple siblings and pets and if you grew up in a setting like that, you would definitely understand. I'm the only one in the family with a mohawk and have had it since I had my senior pictures taken for high school (cut my hair right off after it happened). I coach varsity fencing for my old high school and had been in the to 50 women fencers in my state while I was competing my self.

I went to a high school specifically for it's vo-ag program. I was the top student in aquaculture, which is the second love of my life. Currently I'm studying business management and marketing (and my teachers always seem to doubt me on the first few classes), so I can work in a job that is much better than entry level to finish getting a degree in aquaculture.
What I plan on doing is opening up my own facility and grow fish for food. I know people like exotic fish and ocean caught, but with what is going on with the over fishing and dumping in the ocean, it is a much nicer alternative (I learned you can grow fish for food without chemicals and it's how I practiced). I figured people will still need to eat!

Oh and when I was younger I wanted to go to school to be a crossing guard and a fire truck O.o
Lol I wanted to be a pro wrestler in the WWE from 6th grade till 2007.
you don't buy into that whole PETA "sea kitten" thing do you? (btw i'm not mocking you just asking a legitimate question)
Fuck the sea kitten crap.
When I read that I honestly wanted to dropkick a small child.

(oh and I fail - I go to a small community college in SECT called Three Rivers)
Thank you!!! god i hate to see how STUPID people are getting!!! its not going to stop me from going to Long John Silvers and ordering up a batch of "sea kitten" just to piss those people off lol
im a vegetarian and even i find it rediculous. people are going to eat what they want to eat, and peta isnt going to stop them. i would love if the entire world stopped eating meat, but i feel it is a very personal decision that no one should pressure you to make.

and since when are fish fuzzy and cute, and purr when you hold them?
hehe, I prefer my fish slimy. I disagree with how we fish our oceans, and the kinds of fish we go after tend to bring up other species in the nets too that end up dying. We live in a world of excess and commercialism. Unfortunately, short of the world ending, I don't think it will stop...which is why I want to do what I did for school - to help wean some people off of their ocean dependency. Who is to say I couldn't do that? Or if a lot of people did this and we stopped tearing our oceans up...I wouldn't complain. =]

And I feel there is a huge difference between ornamental pets and animals you grow specifically for food. Every culture is different. However, there are certain ways animals should be maintained, and a fair portion are living below those standards. And the people that take amazing care of their animals are rarely recognized, regardless of whether they raise animals for food or for leisure. I think if we focus on the positive as much as the negative, groups, like PETA, wouldn't have such a deplorable reputation in some areas and circles.


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