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ive heard of fabric spraypaint but im not sure where to get it or anything, what do u use.

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Coloring? dyes.
Paintint? the world is your oyster.

might help if we knew exactly what you were talking about?
alright thanks
So, are you coloring as in dying, or coloring as in painting then?
Well acrylic paint when applied right, then washed lightly is actually hardly noticeable. I mean when you wear it. Comfort wise.
And I've seen plenty of videos spraypainting their Doc Martens, so I guess that wouldn't be too hard on them. I guess its all up to you.
ok ill probably use spraypaint on my boots
Heres how my boot turned out looks pretty good hopefully it doesnt ware away too quickly.
You can also buy a sealant, to prolong the life of your design. It won't last forever, but it'll help keep up appearances for a bit.
i'll see if it wares away quickly or anything, and if it does i'll redo it and use a sealant.
actually that boot looks pretty cool! ^-^ And if it does wear away, it will give it even more style. Or when its all gone you can do something else!
I like using pen on blue jeans, because they ink fades after a few washes, so I can doodle on my pants all I want, then do it all over again! XD
thanks, and by the way do you have the tf/tf2 logo and the logo from portal on your jacket? cause thats pretty sweet lol.
Yes. Yes I do. ^-^
To write on clothing..?
I used acrylic paint on my jean jacket and it worked fine. :)


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