Mohawks Rock

ok so i've notice a lot of kids with fohawks and honestly it makes me want to bash their faces in,

why not grow some balls and get a real mohawk?

i mean i'm the only girl in my school who had enough balls to get one.

any who i just think they should all DIE! :)

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I just hate the black chicks that try to have "mohawks". Everyone (it seems) at my school has these stupid, retarded ass little "mohawks" that aren't a quarter inch long and then they shave it off and go back to just a little bit of hair. Until your mohawk reaches at least a half an inch, IT IS NOT A MOHAWK. I FUCKING HATE people that get these so called "mohawks" and don't shave the sides. Can you try to be a bit more fake? I didn't gag hard enough when I saw your hairdo.

"I just hate the black chicks that try to have "mohawks"."



just how black chick are...-.-



thank you guys and girls with as its actually spelt fauxhawks it is annoying go shave the sides

Well since I'm sitting here thinking about it, I suppose a fauxhawk could be useful for a couple reasons.


1. It allows you to have a similar look to a mohawk, but still allow you to easily have a regular head of hair in order to keep your job/get a job. There are of course some jobs where full out mohawks are ok, but if you're just trying to get a job quick, or if your chosen job or career doesn't allow for a mohawk, but you still want to be able to wear "the look", either while you're working, or maybe outside of the job.


2. It gives you a basic idea of what you would look like with an actual mohawk. A "try it before you buy it" scenario. Especially useful for the girls with lots of hair, and a lot to lose if they shave it all off and reailze they don't like the mohawk.


If you want a mohawk, but for either of these reasons you don't get an actual mohawk, its totally fine in my opinion. If you just want a fauxhawk because you simply like that look... well we all clearly support individuality, so to each his/her own.

+50 million


 A co-worker made a remark about my 'faux-hawk' the other day...... I didnt think I was hawking anything "IT'S A POMPADOUR YOU DUMB BASTARD!"



it really pisses me off too

i love having my mohawk just for the sake of being that much different than everybody else in my school, most of them are mainstream little pussies, and i just fucking hate it,

lately ive had to shave mine off but once this year i shaved the sides and everybody looked at me like i was insane, it was funny as hell

Seeing they don't have mouths, and birds don't have dicks...


No they can't.

Why are you worring about wannabes when you are so much better than them :) x
I don't mind it so much as long as people are willing to admit it isn't a full blown mohawk. I agree with those who start off without taking too much off the sides. Pretty sure my boss wouldn't have minded me starting with a fauxhawk ;)


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