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 Hey Everybody! Feel free to share your favourite drunk stories with each other, I'm sure everybody had several funny boozed moments in their lifes!

Mine is a drunk accident, happened 2 years ago, when I thought it's a good idea to pee on a few meters high cliff. That was a really bad idea after several litres of wine. While I was peeing I fell back, into a berry bush, with a lot of thorns. I broke my 2 front teeth, and I had about a dozen scars on my leg and on my butt. But I was so drunk that I thought it was fun and I laughed my ass off. On the other day, I realized I was such an idiot :DD

Another one when I drank a good hungarian booze called pálinka. I drank such a big amount of this heavenly drink that I ran across a football course with pants down, talking with a friend on the phone and singing to her.

At an another party me and a friend of mine thought that it would be a good idea if we paint our friend's room, because we found a bucket, full of paint. Unfortunately, we couldn't find a brush so we started to paint with a slipper. It looked pretty awesome :DD

I have a lot of stories like these, but tell me your ones! :D

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I apparently tried to ride an adult tricycle in a campfire, but when I failed I just threw it on and fell on the ground singing the campfire song from spongebob. :D

A few years ago i was somehow convinced to dress up in full drag for 2 40's, i was making kissy faces at the dude behind the counter, and walked around a hotel asking for cookies. just last week i was spangin with my uncle and got a shit load of taaka, i decided to bail cause i was falling all ovwr a long john silvers parking lot. I managed to make it to a walgreens across the street attempted to climb a hill, my pants fell down like times and i came home with 1 shoe and down a cellphone, a knife and a hat.

I drank a few beers. Don't remember what happened after that.

The end!

Ah, Mon petit chou-fleur

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha X 1,000,000

My stories get too long. But I've peed myself two weekends in a row... Tried getting a hotel room, woken up in various places including different cities, bled all over someones band van, lipped of Total Chaos and the Casualties, successfully looted a liquor seller by accident, fought nazis, and the list goes on.

It would be so neat to have a bunch of people submit short stories of their best drunken escapades and have them published into a book. Not just a shitty zine, but like an actual book.

My friend and I went to one of the Occupy demonstrations a few years back because we knew it would be a big party, and we were right. Soon after we got there, we started hanging with a group of chill hippie type people. That night, I suggested we all go on a booze run. This being downtown Los Angeles, the nearest liquor stores were in China Town, so we headed there. We came back with some mysterious bottles of clear liquid. I say mysterious because all the writing, even the warning labels, were in Mandarin. Cut to half an hour later and we're stumbling through the city at midnight, hardcore, blackout, can't-see-your-hand-in-front-of-your-face drunk, when one of our group gets held up by a couple of cops. Being shitfaced, we decided there was only one thing to do- so we staggered up to the scene and attempted to counter-arrest the police. Unbelievably, we all managed to get away, and took shelter in a long-abandoned Thai restaurant.called the Velvet Turtle. Since nobody felt like sleeping, we found blunt objects and proceeded to destroy the place, passing out soon afterward. And that's the story of how I woke up in a smashed room, hungover, holding a two-by-four in one hand and cradling a small turtle statue with the other.

There comes a time when people will try Steel Reserve. You know the one. The tall black can with 211 painted on it big red numbers. And when you have tried this beer you will notice how you might not feel drunk after one or two or three even. Then all the sudden out of no where your head hit the floor and you have no clue where you are. 10 hours will pass and you will have done the following: Pissed your self, pissed on someone else, have marker all over your body (your face being the main art gallery), then piss on someones car, steel candy from a baby, talk in a really bad British accent, try to talk to a Hispanic in really bad Spanish, get laughed at, rob a convenient store and get away with it, and when you wake up in the morning you can't remember anything that happened after 10 o'clock and your in some random girls apartment with nothing but your socks on and in her bed.


haha, we dont have that drink here in my country, but we have some other good booze.. strong beer, strong pálinka.. there is always a man at every parties with a big amount of home made pálinka, its quite strong, and erases your memory well.. at a pub i drank too much of it, and when i went outside puking, some guy asked me if I am a heroin user or what.. i looked horrible i guess..

when i'm drunk i always try to talk different languages, but neither of them fits me well, and i end up talking in some weird wookie language or something like that... unfortunately, i never pissed on a car, but it sounds good..


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