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i know all you guys have had this problem.
what are some stupid questions youve been asked,and some stories too if youd like to share

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Yes....that is a common one...I get asked "how long does it take you to put that up every day", and I reply "about 25 minutes, and I only put it up every three or four days". So that leads to their next question, "How do you sleep at night", to which I reply "on my side"!

Is that your real hair?

this one probably pisses me off the most. I also hate when people ask me how my mom thinks about it (she went with me when i first cut one)
i've got that one a few times...
i don't get how people can think it fake.
I have gotten that 3 times in the last month... ( is that my real hair)
I really kinda wanna punch them in the face for being so stupid.
Yeah a random chick on the bus i was catching asked if it was real :s
i get those all the time. they became dumbest when you reply yes its fake, because then they pull on it and go "wow i didn't know they could be faked." then why'd you ask?!? and my mom was totally cool with it. it's not like it won't eventually grow back. but my dad thinks i'm lesbian and won't let me hang out with girls unless i grow my hair back out.((because that will magically make me straight??))

oh god yea, those two questions piss me off.

how can it be fake, does it look like a wig or something, i just don't get it.

and i get the "omigod what did ur mom say when you did this?" question a lot.

i always tell em. nothin, she took me the first time i got it cut and she used to help me cut it.

they always either look surprised or a bit unsettled.

haha ive had all of these
ditto... except the one about getting shocked by something. Actually my g/fs bro told me "that's like some Yugioh shit" one time. I KNOW you are all familiar with the reactions of little kids. Their reactions still make me laugh a little bit at least half the time.
no, thats when you say yes!...
..then just walk off and leave them thinking.
...cos its not like you can prove it anyway..
haha went to a rave the other week nd had UV green in mine :P


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