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im starting my first zine and i figured I would share my first articles first draft with you guys. I would really like some input keep in mind this is not really done im just putting it out to get a first impression.


Anarcho-realism is the belief that we already live in a state of anarchy. Governments and there authority are no more real then currency, that is to say it only has the value or as it is in our case power that we give to it. It is only by our consent that we are governed. We lend our authority to governments enabling them to do all it is they do. Consider; at any moment you could be shot in the head, maybe for the pittance of cash in your pockets, perhaps in the name of some government or God perhaps? The reason doesn’t really matter you are dead all the same dead even though what happened to you was strictly prohibited by laws of a government despite agents of that very government patrolling the street “controlling” everything from how fast we can go to when and how we die. Despite all there laws and all the measures they take to enforce them despite billions of faith notes (commonly called dollars) spent at the end of the day your still dead. So all I can say past that note is fuck there pompous authority and live your own life to the fullest until its your turn to get shot in the head

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This Anarcho-Realism business is a really good way to show that you have a really limited understanding of Anarchism.

Its not really meant to be about traditional anarchism which is fullish. Perhaps as the articular develops more it will make more sense

You're actually making less sense the more you try to explain.


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