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i dunno they had some great bands going in early 2000's

i went back in 06 i think. what a shithole that was. will not be going back
They'd have to have a very convincing and worthwhile roster to get me to want to shell out that much money to A) want to travel so far to see it and B) pay whoever an assload of money to park a damn car.

If the Descendents were playing...I'd pay an arm and a leg. I might have lied a little.
Never even considered going to that gayass shit. I would've chopped my ass off to see the Casualties that one time
whats so fun about seeing tons of ghey screamo bands and being surrounded by a bunch of tents trying to sell you shitty merchendise?
i agree all the bands all suck recently. but last year i saw the adicts, uk subs, total chaos and DOA at warped tour in mountian veiw. that was GOOD. i just avoided all the crappy ass bands and the merchandise. im going this year soley to see the casualties.
all good bands except casualties.
ok thats your opinion and i respect it. just respect mine.
i looked also, i saw a total of three bands i wouldn't *MIND* seeing.
-Andrew W.K
-the casualties
-the flatliners.

thats about it. the rest playing in Toronto at least are all garbage.
i completely agree haha.

ya, thats all he wants to do in his life. my friend saw him live a few years ago and when he got back, would you imagine he says "it was just one huge party, it was awesome"
yeah last year wasnt totaly fucked but this year its looking bad. but concerts are good for stress relief and just over all chillaxation


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