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Hey I hope I'm not spamming the forum with useless questions but i have another. Has anyone had to go to court with a Mohawk or any other type of hair that's not generally considered formal? Does it negatively affect your case, and will they send you out if you show up with one?


I'm going in for a fire-arms ban which they so graciously decided to put on me after I was released from a psyche ward after i tried to kill myself. Don't know if the severity of the case affects it or not, but that's what i'm going in for. Any help would be appreciated.

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I go just the way I am. And since court is so fucking early in the morning, I usually look twice as shitty.

I'd say go as yourself, and be yourself.

A judge is there to judge your actions, not for the way you dress.
Honestly, if your looking for a courtroom to take you seriously you might want to ditch the hawk for the trial.. I'd hate to see people judge you on something important over something stupid like a haircut. Normally I would say never ditch your style for anyone but If this is serious then why risk it? Take whatever you can get to help..
Agreed. The more formal the better.
Thanks for the advice. I don't think they'll take me seriously anyway. They just see some me as some fucking kid who get worked up over something and did something stupid... I mean they lied to me in the hospital, they lied about the drugs, and they lied about going to court, I don't have much faith in them anymore and I doubt they had any faith in me to begin with.
Yeah, but it is better to at least try and have some things in your favor instead of treating it like a joke.

first off- do you need or want to own a gun?

second- the people of the system are a bunch of lying cunts and should not be trusted as you found out.

third- if you dont need a gun then fuck them, just go as you are. if you do need a gun then either cut it off or grow the sides out as much as possible, dye it all 1 color and wear it down to the side. how long till court? 

Don't need a gun, would be nice to have one, I heard a rumor it's one of our so called rights.  Apparently their also evaluating whether or not this will show up on a background check, which will fuck up getting into a university and getting a job :(
You should slick that shit back into like a pony tail, wear a tie, maybe some glasses, and cover any tattoo's the judge can see. Plus remove any piercings you may have due to issues with the metal detector.
I dunno why people dress for court. Whenever I go, everyone is in their casual form.... :/
I cut mine off for court once. that was just out of paranoia that  they'd throw the book at me. if yours is long enough id say just wear it down.
just wear it down. 9x out of 10 people will not realize that's what you have unless its up or colored unnaturally. my piercings never set off the metal detector, so i wouldn't worry about any that are not readily visible. ( i was really worried about my nips when i had to go to the my patched and pinned jacket didn't set off the metal detectors at the courthouse, but they kept it at the door anyway in a box. for your situation, i would clean up my appearance, but not go totally overboard about it.
i had to go to court i just wore mine curled and or pinned back(had to go a few times over the same case)


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