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    it was done but I m not sure if I will keep it, I think it is not so good as urs.

     is it suitable or not?(I feel sick about it cuz it looks weird)

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welcome brother ! Haha cool . its fine dude . now you need to spike it up and thats where the skill and practice comes in ! i jus use hairspray .a little bit at a time. and straighten it first.use a hairdryer to dry it spiked up or ul be stood there ages. take time to perfect it

 i appreciate ur saying,i think i ll keep it even though i think it is a bit weird. well i ll adapt to it. Should i use gel or something else?

It looks Jester says, it takes time to figure out what you like to do with your Hawk...there is no one size fits all contrary to what non Hawk people think. Now, it looks like your hair is a little naturally curly so it may take a bit more working with until you get used to it, but you can leave it as is in a lazy Hawk style or you can stand it up into a straight up Hawk. Try using some molding paste, or finishing paste, or sculpting wax....these usually come in small round to go to a Salon and get these as the Wal-Mart ones can be poor quality at best. Gels usually don't work very well. Put a walnut sized amount on your palm and rub your palms together until it's all spread on them. Then run thru your hair from the roots out to the tips going into the center. Once it's all spread in your hair, get it styled how you like it. This is where everyone does it can also leave it as a wider hawk all the way back instead of pushing it all up to the will have to find your style over time. I use a comb and get it all standing how I want it, then I will take a strong hold a #4, and spray it down decently to lock it in place. Don't be afraid to try it different ways....every day it will get better. Everyone here can help ya out, so just ask. Check posts on this Site too as there are tips and hints that others have given everywhere. Enjoy your Hawk!

it is time i ma tke over totally, thx 4 ur long long long advice. I promise i ll keep it. fuckin cool

Looks rad dude, you then pretty thin too! You have a few options with it, having it down in a lazyhawk to the side (which I most commonly do) and slicking it back into a psychobillyhawk, slicking forwards into a deathlock, parting it so you look like the "go compare" opera singer dude, loosely spiking it up into a fluffhawk or going for a more common fanhawk or liberty spikes.

Welcome to the fold. *sips brandy*

thx 4 ur advice,i love it more than i used to be

gel is ok wen its short but i found it easier with hairspray coz it takes a while to hold a chunk of hair straight while it dries so if u gel all the hair first then u will struggle to do it all before it dries . messy .wit hairspray u can zap a bit at a time.its just practice an seeing how best works for u i bet everyone has got their own way of doin it .

shall i shave sides completely?

Yes. just use the minimum clipper setting. Do it now. :)

i m thinking about using a shaver or something :l

A razor? Yeah if you fancy it, I just use my hair clippers on minimum personally. For what you razor off, its back in about 24 hours anyway!

          got two piercings and i think i feel better now. Actually, i have no idea about my hawk, i just leave it alone, u know, i dont haave much experience.


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