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I know you guys are like "oh this guys a poser look at him asking what punk is" Yea I have an idea of what it is but I'm new so just help me out. My question is what makes a poser? I glare at people from time to time but I just like to. I'm an asshole but i've always been like that. I just recently had to cut off the hawk because of school. I don't think I'm a poser but people always try to say I am or I try to hard because I'll throw an Anarchy A on my school bag or something. So tell me what makes a poser?

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Being a poser makes someone a poser.
Anyone else suprised ol fuckin Segadoway hasn't replied to this?
He gave us his insight on usual. x)
punk is to do what you want to do, don't let you tell what you have to do
-wear the clothes you want
-listen the music you want
Punk is not to show it outside, Punk is a thing inside
You don't must be an anarchist when you are a punk
and wearing an anarchysign without any knowledge about it only because it's "Punk" is the wrong way
Just wear darts, thats super punk!
darts is a creative idea. wow never thought of that b4 lol
everyone on this website?
Yea fags!
just dont try to hard, and be u.
if they call you a poser..oh well..just because your a prep and want to turn punk..just means you want to try something new. (example by the way)
i'm so sick of people calling others a poser ,weather it fits them or not..its something they want to try.
so hm yea..thats all.
This thread is funny.

Let's sum it up:

Everyone is a poser.

A poser is someone who is trying to be "punk".
Don't listen to anything these posers have to say.....

JUST CARRY DARTS WITH YOU AND YOU'LL BE PUNK AS FUCK. Also, learn English better then the goth kids. otherwise they'll beat you up.


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