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I know you guys are like "oh this guys a poser look at him asking what punk is" Yea I have an idea of what it is but I'm new so just help me out. My question is what makes a poser? I glare at people from time to time but I just like to. I'm an asshole but i've always been like that. I just recently had to cut off the hawk because of school. I don't think I'm a poser but people always try to say I am or I try to hard because I'll throw an Anarchy A on my school bag or something. So tell me what makes a poser?

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punk is  "fucl you!!" personafied.


 To me, thats pretty much anybody post generation X. Anybody who wasnt alive between '78-88.


 In a nutshell, i'm a poseur. No matter how many ways I could validate my 'punkness'. And I have no problem with that. When people ask me "are you some sort of punker?" etc, I usually answer ".....i'm a poseur.." ;D.

If you have to ask if you're a poser, then you probably are one. If you're dressing "punk" (which in my mind isn't even possible because punk was never meant to be turned into a fashion) then you should probably have atleast a basic understanding of the culture..if you don't know what is meant by "poser", then you probably don't understand the culture.


Just make sure not to be into punk because of the clothing. Know the music, know the culture, know how it started.

Don't throw the word "anarchy" around unless you actually believe in anarchy. You better be ready to have an educated conversation on why anarchy would be beneficial and all that. I don't believe in anarchy, therefore I don't wear the word all over my clothes.

If you got a mohawk and had it long enough to eventually shave it off and you're still new to punk, odds are you might just be in it for the fashion.


My advice: Just be yourself. If you like punk, then so be it. If you don't, then don't pretend. Wear what you like, act how you want, style your hair how you want to style it, listen to what you want to listen to, and believe what you wanna believe. Don't be/act/dress a certain way just to fit a label such as punk.

Punk is what you make it. It has no true parameters or qualifications. Don't worry about whether you look like a poser or not. It doesn't matter.


If you feel like you don't know enough, do some reading. Watch a couple documentaries. Get some history down and you may have a better feel for what you want to do.

Don't EVER listen to all of these "holier than though" stuck up bitches!!!! Punk is basically choosing to be who you want, regardless of what anyone else thinks about it, because you don't like, understand, and/or agree with mainstream societal views on things, thus causing most of us considered to be "punk" to share a lot of the same ideology, ethic codes, anti-conformist styles, and opinions of the way things probably "should" be.


The fact that you had the initiative and the balls to post that discussion only shows that you have a higher degree of intellect and intuitiveness than most of the people who reply to these things, and there for, wisely,  want to be sure that you have a clear understanding of something before you claim it or chose to "wear it's label" as it were. I truthfully respect you for  doing so.

In my eyes, there is no such thing as a "Punk-Poser," except maybe in the case of claiming the title without having ANY clue what it means or represents...?!


To the people who replied to yer discussion by calling YOU a poser, you are nothing more than another excuse to hide their own insecurities and boast their own ignorant idea that doing so makes them look and/or feel better. I say, "FUCK 'EM ALL!!!" Be who you are, learn what it means by whatever methods are necessary, love and appreciate everything you can learn about it, and don't waste ant time or energy on ANYONE who would criticize you for doing so!


This might help you out, er at least be something you can find interesting:

not being yourself is a poser as simpal as that



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