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I know you guys are like "oh this guys a poser look at him asking what punk is" Yea I have an idea of what it is but I'm new so just help me out. My question is what makes a poser? I glare at people from time to time but I just like to. I'm an asshole but i've always been like that. I just recently had to cut off the hawk because of school. I don't think I'm a poser but people always try to say I am or I try to hard because I'll throw an Anarchy A on my school bag or something. So tell me what makes a poser?

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i have the most 'beautiful' anarchy patch where the circle A is growing into a young tree sprout

just thought i'd share that hahaha
It's funny that people will tell friends of mine, that they are not punk enough to hang out with. Why to we ask what makes a punk!!! Just shut the fuck up and be who you are, like what you like!!! That's all that matters!!! I do not really define myself as a punk or a metal head, instead I am a genre clash. I have a Mohawk, which makes me "PUNK", I wear band shirts all the time, which makes me "METALS" but here's the thing question asker's. I do it because I like the way I look, and I do not give a shit what anyone else thinks. Again be who you are!!! If you like Britney Spears, like her, if you like Christina Aguilera, like her, if you like Lady Gaga, like her, and if you like ICP, like them!!! Don't listen to peoples mockery because you like something they do not agree with, unless you want everyone to be the same, whoo hoo for simularities, by the way i am vomiting now!!!!

you're always vomiting.   haha


i agree though, but i will make fun of you if you like the beiber kid. it doesnt mean i think youre a horrible person, it just means i think that kinda music is shit.        


people accusing one another of being a poser just shows how self concious every subculture can be.

Okay this thread is about what makes a poseur? So why are people having discussions on what punk is and what punk isn't? Punk is what ever you want it to be, if it involves wearing a leather jacket with pain, patches of the exploited and suspenders? then thats what punk is. but at the end of the day....Listen to the songs and bands you love, get involved with your local punk groups, Tell the school to go spin if the made you cut your hawk off coz at the end of the day there's no rule in any school to say what hairstyle you can and can't have, i know this coz i was the leader of the debate team when i used to go school before i got kicked out when i all of a sudden became "different and "changed" sorry im blabering.... soo just make punk whatever you feel, and you won't go far wrong, spread ANARCHY!, FUCK POLICE BRUITALITY! & KILL COPS NOT PIGS!!!!
Here's a nice little rant about posers.
Do you believe in anarchy? Like, really believe in anarchy. 'cause I guess that's what makes a poser.
Someone that'll talk all the fucking shit they want about anarchy and how they believe in it, throw it on all their clothes, but dont think or act upon these so called 'beliefs'. That's a poser.
Just 'cause you've got a mohawk doesnt make you a punk. Just cause you've got your studded leather jacket doesnt make you hardcore.
Its what you believe in. What you really believe in.
I wish this was a joke, cause quite frankly, this is the silliest thread I've ever come across...
you go out, and figure it out for yourself!
like the rest of us did im sure

:D                   indeed!


i think we've all come to the conclusion(s) from this discussion that:

1. people shouldnt focus on whats a poser and whats not a poser.

2 everyones a poser

3 no ones a poser

4 darts are punk


YAY! i'm glad thats all cleared up. i was having a hard time sleeping at night with all these issues on my mind.

all the cool punks stare and glare, where have you been 0.0
dude, punk is just a term. All you need to do is be yourself, if you like something (clothing style, music, whatever) then like it, don't try to do anything but be yourself. It's the other people who put you into a group, if they say you're a punk then that's what you are. I dont think i'm a punk, but some people think I am. I don't care. I want a mohawk so I have one. I like metal music of punkrock or w/e u want to call it, so who cares. Most punks like skinny jeans, i like bondage pants that are too baggy for anyone LOL, so that's what i like, if you like something that's cool. i don't care what other people say about what i like, it's not gonna change what I do, or who I am.
DOing things to please others and come across as cool and be the person who fits it. Poser equals conformist. Be true to yourself and you will never be a poser. If people come up to someone saying "dude your style is stupid" if said person was a poser, they'd change their outfit to please others. But a true individual would say fuck you I am who I am and that's all that I am. Yes I just quoted popeye.
LOL What the fuck is this


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