Mohawks Rock

alright as you can see i got a trihawk...

but...its been a problem putting up its just to much for me right now i want something simple

like just a mohawk. so if you can help me in figureing out whether i should cut my tri and get a mo

or just stick with the tri and suck  it up?

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what problems are you having putting it up?
If it's too much for you handle then why bother keeping it? If you're not dedicated to it then get something you are dedicated to.. Something easier to manage that you still love to bits. It's your choice, do what makes you happy!

Plus you gotta remember that it's just hair, you can cut it and it grows back! It's nifty like that ;)
yeah  im dedicated but its hard trying to make up my mind...ehh
i love it and i wer it proudly! but sometimes the sides dont coroperate so much haha
Try trimming it down a little. and what are you using to hold it up? I use the clear washable elmer school glue and that's always worked for me.
got 2b  it workss really good just the sides get hard to put up sometimes cuz how my hair fall whens its down
If its really that much of a hassle and you dont want to put it up all the time or feel like its to much work then just go for the regular hawk

u can try keepin half n havin an uneven bi-hawk and like leopard print or somin on the shaved side remeber it will grow back XD



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