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are idiots, give me a valid reason to hate hippies and i will withdraw this last statement and apoligise.

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What about crusties?

After reading the 'punk hygene' thread I am inclined to say hippies probably smell no better than 'punks'. J/K

I don't understand all the hatred towards people who are different from our social set. I mean shit, I get along with my hindu neighbors, my redneck best friend, my punk drinking buddies, my emo step daughter, my very devoted conservative christian father, my black friend I work with, my toddler kids, my old as dirt grandmother and whatever you could throw at me. Becuase I try not to be a douchebag and judge someone based on their 'class' in life. ( old, young, religion, politics, personal taste, looks, style etc etc etc) I don't understand the need to judge people based on how they look, the music they listen to, their political views or whatever reason. Judge a person by their character, judge the individual, stop generalizing. IMO *shrugs*


I have met nice neo nazis. I have been friends with people who hate libs but still like me. I know hippies who are hard working non drug using and listen to metallica. I know people who don't believe in global warming that still recycle. lmfao There is an exception to every stereotype. I think people are taking the easy way out and just hating a group as a whole instead of judging the individuals.

Aye, personally I love most hippies. Even the ones that dont shower.

there isn't much sense in labeling a group when each individual person has different and mixed qualities. we r all mutts i think. u can think like a hippy and not smell bad or look like one. maybe u look like a punk but have a hippy mentality. i grew up with a hippy grandpa and he''s my best friend. my musical influence is anything 60's-90's rock and woodstock hippy stuff included and punk included. im a mixed up person and i think most everybody can't be tied to one group because every personality is different and everyone has different/similiar interests.


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