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are idiots, give me a valid reason to hate hippies and i will withdraw this last statement and apoligise.

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but arent you trying to stop hatred rather than become it? sounds a tad hypocritical to me
i think punks are similar to hippies i love punks so i love hippies yay woodstock
wow you guys are a bunch of douche bags my posts arent intelligent because i say how i feel and i dont sugar coat it. sometimes you punks make me sick. most of you arent even punks just hippies with mohawks. the punk movement in the beginning was anti hippie. all those old school bands you guys look up to more than likely have songs against hippies. except crass and thry arent punk anthow theyre just hippies too. oh and hern i like the cartoon keep posting it just to piss off segadoway and his crusty feet
Nobody here claims to be a punk (well most don't anyways). Just because it's Mohawks Rock doesn't mean everyone here is a punk.. and every post you make makes you look more and more like an idiot.
oh and not to mention the hippies spit on the guys returning from the vietnam war. thats right they spit on the soldiers. so much for peace and love right? not to mention there is no such thing as peace. in order to have true peace you have to give up true freedom and im sorry i will never give up my freedom. so fuck all of you that support those druggie smelly bastards. oh and another thing pacifism in my nook is wrong. to turn the other cheek when someone robs you or hurts someone in your family or one of your friends. hippies are a joke they dont stand for anything. fuck hippies and fuck you hippie loving fools. and if you wouldnt insult me to my face dont insult me over the internet thats weak
you know what i actually agree with most of this lol although i don't hate much of anyone, i believe in tolerance but that only goes so far. with hippies what some of them did to those poor drafted souls is definitely hypocrisy in the purest form. it would appear as though they were more willing to support foreigners they've never met as opposed to defending the real victims which were the mistreated draftees that were returning home only to be neglected by their country.

right to be fair when me and you had this little argument i put it down to the fact that they got lsd band.
but in truth they caused more trouble than good. like in the veitnam war when they protested they dident do it for the soldiers to come home they did it for peace and love. they never cared about what they was fighting for.
and heres something to think about if hippys beleive in peace and love then why did they riot?
not all hippies did this, many punks attack and attacked people for no reason, does this mean all punks are aggressive?
Hippies don't cost the Government 15 billion dollars or so from the War on Drugs. Stoners do! And remember that ANYBODY and ANYONE can be a STONER. Hell, a lot of you punks are fuckin' stoners! Pretty much every subculture has their own drug of choice so STFU. I smoke pot. I love pot. Does that make me a fuckin' hippy? No. That just makes me a fuckin' pot head.
And how does that justify your reason for disliking hippies? Do you honestly think that we wouldn't have as many problems with drugs if it were not for them? That's bullshit. People take drugs and it's only natural to have that urge. It's like a portable vacation--you get to escape all of the bullshit going on in your life for a very short period of time. There were many different groups of people smuggling the shit in. Not just fuckin' hippies.

Why the fuck does it even matter? Hippie's went extinct A LONG time ago.
I <3 POT
i don't give a shit about this topic, real hippies don't exist anymore anyhow. Bob Dylan = Original Punk Rocker lol


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