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Anyone have any super fantastic food recipes or favorite foods that they would like to share?
Or a type of food you could never live without?

I'm a sucker for pineapple pizza and grilled cheese.
I can make english pancakes (or we know them as crepes here) fairly well, but it's not exactly rocket science. Otherwise I don't cook a lot. haha.
So what about you guys?

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that is good too haha. dunno about fudge and cheesecakes, but peanut butter chocolate cheesecakes are heavenly!!!!!
*waves magic wand*

I wonder if it comes out baking either...haven't tried it and my wand batteries just died. =)
i make the most amazing vegetarian tacos ever, with eggplant, zucchini, and bell peppers as the "meat". If anyone wants, ill post the recipe when i dig it out of my mess of room ^.^
hmm id hafta say one of the best recipes would hafta be when you put water in a cup o noodles then you stick it in the mcrowave for 3 minutes and BAM you have a tasty meal lol
oooooooh the poor college kid diet. I lived off of those for three months last year...soo good.
I like turkey burgers. I also like Mongolian food, theres this amazing Mongolian restaurant called Crazy Fire Mongolian Grill (even the names awesome) and you get a bowl put everything you want for them to grill together in it and give it to the people at the grill, I personally like soaking mine in teriyaki sauce.
ramen..... and hot sauce..... hot sauce makes everything better...
mmm i put a tiny drop of spicy seasame oil in the bottom of my bowl before i put my ramen into it, and its perfect! spicy ramen is the best
Don't know if its been posted how about Bangers (sausages) & Mash? i love so simple hehe
3 sliced bread salami sandwhich? yum!
how about pork add some garlic, ginger,onion,soy sauce and oyster sauce to meat with green vegtables and rice easy
Haha sweet!
ok who want's to learn how to make joey's :) grab two hot dog buns , stick your finger up the buns butt and pull the soft bread inside out and eat :) what you are trying to do is hollow out the roll enough to put a filling in , then mix up some re-fried beans with some BBQ sauce , put some grated cheese in the roll first then the re-fried bean mix and finaly some more grated cheese in the end , this will melt and close off the end , put on a tray and bake in the oven on 180 degrees for 20 minutes then eat , warning content's of joey's are bloody hot but oh so tasty :)
that sounds good!!

ever made it with rice? hmm. i think im gonna try now. :-P


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