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i love wearing my hawk up but sometimes i want to do something different (or i run out of hairspray) 

just wondering if you guys had any ideas of how to wear it down?

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you can curl it, you can braid it, you can pomp it (this requires hairspray), you can wear a bandana, you can wear a hat, you can pull it back into a pony tail, or just wear it down and to the side. 

All of this and then some! Sometimes I pull mine into pig tails or pig tail buns (this is helpful if you have a long hawk and/or a chelsea hawk). Sometimes I grab pieces and twist it all up and pin it. The options are endless, you just have to play with it!

Don't forget teasing it :D

I was just wondering how to braid my is about 5" tall.....also, what other ways can I wear it down as well....I know you said "if you're a girl", but really, wearing Hawks down is about the same whether you are a guy or a girl anyway. Can anyone out there help us out with this?? :-)

You can french braid your hawk.. though you would likely need someone to do that for you. French braiding on yourself is a pain in the buns (though I find it to be a pain in the buns in general).

I wear a beanie almost all the time or I wear it to the side

I wear mine multiple ways; to one side (left or right), brushed back in a headband/bandanna, having bangs peak out under a beanie, parted slightly off center (looks like a bob or normal if long enough), all to one side with a small section in the back the opposite way (all styles curly, wavy or straight). Just play around with your hair, none of these require hairspray, and are quick to do.

Thanks....can you post some pics of these different styles....that would be awesome! :-)


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