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You know a cool breeze is nice every once in awhile but not when it knocks your head over and you have to either find a wall to hide behind or hold your hair as your walking outside looking like an ass.

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Rain. The natural enemy of the mohawk. Some proclaim it the sorrow of the gods. Sorrow for the golden tragedy their hands hath wrought. The tragedy that is known as - man!
I hate the wind way more than the rain. The rain doesn't really do much to my hair.
Wind on the other hand completely rapes it. Everytime. :(
i actually really enjoy the feeling my hawk bending in the wind. its really weird i guess haha.
Lol i know what you mean. Walking around holding your hair makes you look real sleazy. But rain destroys me more.
AMEN!!!! I wear a wig to my office even if my hawk is incognito, rain and wind are not my friends (nor are outside smells...oil/gas from redneck trucks and the side of town I work in smells like raw sewage because the government can't figure out how to contract the right people to clean out this over run creek. not good!!!) i refuse to hold my hair while I'm walking, I feel like a douche.
I love the wind. It can be a pain when you have your hawk up but it feels so good! Just get an umbrella or a binder to block the wind while your outdoors and a good flexible hairspray!
That'd be a giant, not to mention strong as fuck mohawk. o_o
HA! I hate biking to work against strong wind.
Wind makes me feel like a modernized version of Mary Poppins about ready to fly away. Rain just makes everything if only there was a way to turn off gravity for a minute and use a hose to fight fire with fire and show the sky what it's like.
try facing into the wind might help some me and the wind do not get on at all.
I had this problem just the other day. Wind really does suck,  but i didn't have to hold it up my friend held it up and sheilded me from the wind. Since im so short my hawk is at there normal height. I just went home and fixed it up though right after but it still wasn't the same as before.

*with russian accent* my hair is strong like bull!

Wind never seems to give me any trouble, unless I'm by the beach on a windy day, but it never blows over and stays over, it just springs back up.

It is very unpleasant for my hair to blow in the wind, though, we need to start a petition to send to Mother Earth and tell her to knock that shit off!


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