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if you dont have a mohawk, why are you on

just sayin

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its Not Its a site for people who think mohawks are cool. I think motorcycles are cool but I don't have one.
I agree



Entire group of people without 'hawks

i was on here before i could keep a steady hawk growin since i had to keep cutting it off while i was in NJROTC
what is NJROTC?

some sort of army program im pretty sure,  we had jrotc and rotc at my old high school, but i hvent heard of njrotc


it starts up ur millitary career before ur out of high school, and if you hve been in it long enough i think they pay you

but i say fuck it. i see half of these kids in those programs. they are all brainwashed to think the same exact way, dress the same way, talk the same way. I DISLIKE


Yeah basically, except it was Navy sponsored. I didn't care for it much either that's why im not in it anymore.

It's hair. It changes. Most member have/had one at some point or another. But the general, it's just for people who enjoy the hair style. Just that simple.
U don't own bands but u listen to them don't you?
This reply has zero relevance.
Ignorance much.


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