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if you dont have a mohawk, why are you on

just sayin

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It's not exclusively for people with mohawks. Even on  the mohawk "status" it has "just like watching others rock them" as an option, as well as "rocked in the past" and "thinking about rocking it sometime". Don't be so close-minded.
I guess its like a sex store,lol everybody freaky goes lol

I totally agree with Sunny d Lite

because I think mohawks are sexy and I don't wear one cause I'd look terrible with it.

since when did punk become about the height of your charged hawk or even about the amount of paintings or patches on your jacket?
Well said

i got on when i had a hawk but shaved it off to grow my liberty spikes back haha. its like myspace was originally for bands to congregate and post up shows for the general public to see.

Ive actualy stop coming to the site the several times i buzzed my hair XD

I just cut mine off. Am I supposed to delete my account now?

The answer is "no", dear Ruthie J.. I am getting a new one though, but that is not the point. The point is, as Sonny said, that I think mohawks are cool and I enjoy the pictures of the colorful and tall ones and I'd like to get advice on putting up a hawk and stuff like that, I think you get what I mean.
What about people with just liberty spikes, you know? Still all punky, all they need is just the mohawk, aren't they allowed here? Yes they are.

I rest my case.


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