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I was doing i nearly everyday the first two+ weeks I had it, but noticed a lot of hair was falling out. I remember reading somewhere not to put it up very much. How often is best for the hair? I usually use got2be freeze spray and sometimes the spiking gel

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Morning! I put mine up every day and don't have any problem.....I use CHI finishing paste to get it up, then spray it with a #4 Strong Hairspray to lock it in. My hair is so oily, I have to wash it every day.

I also take B6 and B12 Vitamins every day as well as Folic Acid as these claim to help promote hair growth and maintenance.

If its only a hundred hairs or so a day don't worry, thats normal. you just normally don't notice as they come out over the whole day as opposed all in one wash.

Okay, thanks guys :)

If you put your Mohawk up too often your arms will get really tired and you will die.

I KNEW IT!!!!! Thank you kind sir for your honesty.

If your worried about putting it up and washing it out to much try keeping it up for weeks at a time saves on hairspray to.


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