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does anybody know of any leather studding tools that actually work?

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Leather Punch. I highly reccomend one.


I own one of these, blades on it werent sharp (nor were the replacement blades I got with it), but I work with metal allot and managed to get em razor sharp. Worked like a charm after that.

I'm just going to assume you (or anyone reading this wondering the same thing) don't have the means to sharpen the blades, so heres a method everyone can use:

  1. Get studs, metal darts, backing materials (cardboard boxes, magazines, anything flat that can have holes poked in it) and a hammer.
  2. Put leather on backing material. The backing material is there for the dart to sink into so you get a clean hole all the way through. That sounded dirty. 
  3. Press a stud in the desired area, just enough to leave a dent where you want the stud.
  4. Put the dart on one of the dents and hit it with a hammer until it goes through.
  5. Do same to the other dent
  6. Put stud in 
  7. You probably know what to do from here
Don't hold the jacket and try to push the dart through. This will stretch out the leather, and it isnt very accurate.
i use a small screwdriver insted of a dart
Yeah but dont do what he did and hammer holes in the floor of the living room.

as soon as i noticed i put something under it nd stopped the problem...

I use an exacto knife to put small sluts in my jacket and a small pair of needle nose pliers to bend the prongs. 

sluts lol 

use a fuckin knife lol
A serrated steak knife works just fine and a spoon is great to use to fold the stud prongs down! Seriously! Try it! Chances are you dont have the money or know where to get said leather tools,so DIY maaaang!
I use a dart and a dime to bend the prongs. easy!

mmy jacket has a little over 900 studs in it. i used a flathead screwdriver and an 8 pound weight and looooots of weed lol. weed for the patience


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