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So I have a question for all the girls out there who have a mohawk.
Do you wear makeup? If so, do you wear foundation?
Do you put foundation on your scalp to match your face color?
Just wondering..I don't know what to do about that..

P.S. sorry, I did'nt know which category to put it in..

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I'm not big on foundation. I wear loose minerals if anything (instead of a pressed powder). I find they blend a lot more nicely :-) --- which you can put into the hair line without fear. If anything, it will absorb a bit of excess oil.
However, make up done right is blended so there is little to no way of telling you're wearing it.

BUT! My question for clarification is this:
are you asking as in the sides of the head (if we shave our hair off entirely?) or just the hairline around your face?

I obviously am assuming the latter, but you might have a different direction, which could void my answer. haha
Haha, Yeah I use mineral foundation too, and I do use it around my hairline. :D
However, I am asking about the sides of the head, if shaved entirely. (So to clarify, I meant the former, lol, which is fine.)
Do I blend my foundation over that too? (Because I find that most scalps are paler than the face, and i would hate to look awkward.)

Thank You though, Khaos.

And the soaking up of oils thing was a good point..hmmp 8D
Right on. :-)

I haven't seen anyone doing their scalp (IRL or on here) that I can tell. Or maybe all the girls are just really pale like me?

It probably does happen occasionally, but that will get expensive after a while, haha. Just a matter of preference.

However, I don't think anyone would make a fuss over it if you didn't.
When I shaved my head I knew the sides would be waaaay paler than my face, but after a week it looked much more normal colored. Haha. I think that just going outside for a few minutes a day would help.
I don't really wear make-up, with the exception of my eyelashes because the tips are blonde.

When I go out on the town or to a show, I do my eye colors to match my hair color. =)

It's pretty much awesome.
You guys are making me feel like a little prisspot..haha!
Idk..I'm sort of a "girly girl" in that aspect.
Actually, no, I'm a mondo "girly girl". I LOVE makeup. Its just so fun to me! haha
& No, I'm not the type of girl thats unable to leave the house without makeup, lol. I'm pretty comfy without it, but like i said, its so fun to me..stuff like that and dress up..
I don't like foundation because I'm a freak of nature and can never find one to match my pale-ness, and because it feels kinda nasty IMO. Other makeup otherwise takes time I'd rather spend sleeping/gaming/doing anything else. I am really lazy xD I generally only put on makeup for concerts/partying/dressing up fancifully and then it is just eyeliner, and maybe mascara. Maybe.
i use foundation but i shave my head with clippers so its not completely bald..i blend it into my hairline a bit but theres no need for me to put it on my scalp. i think it might seem a little odd to blend it into your scalp..your foundation should match your face color so smoothly that you can hardly tell your wearing any, and since your face and scalp colors blend together naturally you should do the same with your foundation..

also make sure you apply sunscreen to your head, the longer you have your hawk the more tan your scalp will get..eventually it will even out and you wont need to worry about scalp was really pale when i first shaved my head, now its not so bad :P
Yeah, I wear make-up, and I pretty much match the colours to my hair. I just blend my foundation into my stubble really well with my fingers.
i mix my moisturizer with a light tinted moisturizer (a covergirl product) and then follow with mineral powder. when i shave the sides down to about 1/8 of an inch, i mix sunscreen with a self tanner for my scalp cuz it glows in the dark (i am a pale girl)!!!!
don't forget to use sunscreen on your scalp if you shave, sunburned scalp is a bitch with the scratching and peeling... ewwwwww!


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