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evan after having a shower it stays spiked,
could anyone tell me why??? ive had Mohawks before and this has never happened is it cause i stop shampooing my hair?? and my hairs staring to grow in grey should i be worried??? :/ any coments appreciated

-live long and prosper <3 

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Hey.....that's cool....what do you use to hold it up? Maybe it's waterproof??

As for the grey hairs, I have those too......have been using Just For Men to keep them hidden.....mine are mostly on my sides, not in my Hawk so I just apply the color to the sides about once a month.

When I use glue to put my hair up  it will last through a shower as long as I dont shampoo it.

You don't tell me what to do, I'll prosper at my own damn pace.

Shampoo is what washes the product out of your hair. Water will not wash a strong product our on its own so if you are not shampooing you are not getting the gunk out of your hair. As for the Grey hairs, nearly everyone goes grey at one point or another, some their teens, some not till they are 70.. I am 22 and find some greys every now and then. Its completely normal and nothing to be worried about.

If you dye your hair purple it often fades to grey as well and could be adding to your fear.

Yupp my hair is now grey with purple spots instead of purple lol

I often dye my bangs purple and they go grey all the time lol. Its such an ugly grey too!

Why do you take a shower if you're not even going to use shampoo?

isn't the whole point of taking a shower is to wash your hair?

I clearly lack horrible hygiene. 

I guess it depends how often, they seem to suggest only shampooing around 2 to 3 times a week.


"Daily washing(with shampoo), they say, strips the hair of beneficial oil (called sebum) and can damage our locks."  Source:

oh yeah i only wash my hair 1-2 times a week. 

so I shower 1-2 times a week.... 

but boogle, you should wash your body everyday. 
well i don't, cause I'm disgusting. :D

actually i don't really sweat that much... or carry much of a body odor... and my hair doesn't get greasy that fast. 
Its kind of awesome but i get overheated pretty easily and my face gets super red when its hot outside 


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