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What nicknames have people given you?

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Lots of animals. Jaws, cockatoo, peacock, shark, bunny (not related to the 'hawk), spike, dolphin, zebra, and horse. my head has also been referred to as a very dangerous weapon. On several occasions. Its also been used in a dangerous way...most on accident, some not so accidental.
as for my hair, seasbiscut.

for other things, just play-on-names for my real name(declan) basically, ANYTHING you can come up with declan has been thought up and used as a nickname, i dare you to try but you will only see what i mean.

my first year of wrestling i was called "judo" since i did judo for almost 8 years at the time and i used to kick the crap out of all the first year wrestler until i got moved up, thats when everyone started calling me judo lol.
My little pony, then it devolved to My little dru, then My little emo, because mohawks make you emo now apparently.......
first day i had my hawk down everyone at my school was like "you look so emo"
Emo's are cool, i was flattered.
Oohh Ive gotten that one too. Then i corrected him- roosters are only males. .-.
i am male and was born in the chinese year of the rooster, unfortunate.
So was I (born in the year of the rooster) but I lack the one important part to be a male...
I supposed I could be called a chicken...but I didn't think that chickens had mohawk-like things on top of their heads...
they could.......
Oh really?
Ive never seen one...


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