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What nicknames have people given you?

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i've had mohawk, mohawk mervyn, m, merv, mervy pervy, mervanator, spiky, shark, oi, that guy with the hair, mohawk dude, the guy with shaved sides, and pony.

i kinda like pony. apparently it's not cool to admit that, but who cares.
i never really had nicknames.
but not everyone knows my actual name.
so amongst others i maybe be known as kitten, cupcake, mohawk chick,blue hair girl.
..just easier to remember i guess.
porcipine! or peacock. some kid called me a cockatoo once...hmm...spikey....some other names....i don't know i lost track. the only one that stuck was "creeper", which i actually go by :) it's a long with all nicknames....yeah the "security" at my school call me peacock. see, i don't mind when my friends give me nicknames - but that's just annoying. plus some random person on my friends myspace called me that first.
So what and So Fucking What because I tend to not give a shit about anything. hahaha
When I had orange hair in public school I was sunshine and Carrot Bottom (some kids kept calling me carrot top and I'm like kid, I have ORANGE hair, the top of a carrot is green.)
Then I had pink for almost 2 and a half years and everyone just called me and still do call me, Pinky
Then some disgusting teal color that didnt work and it was aquafina like the freaking water O_o
Then the green was Toxic and Toxic Pink cause everyone was still calling me Pinky
and then the Blue was Smurffette given to my by my English teacher lol
Most of my friends just call me dude, which is a rare expression in the swiss language :)
But mohawk related nicknames are punky spikey mohawk man(mostly by my people in my family) or rooster(when my hair is red).
vibrabator because thats exactly what u think of when u see liberty spikes
bendy which is now my full time name
and midget punk
haha damn my cousin calls me Charles Manson Jr. and his fiance calls me Satan and my drinkin buddies call me 211 and my fiance has a bunch of different nicknames for me lol my fav is Shit Wank
Someone should start a disscusson asking what your real names is. Everyone is sayin all their nicknames. Real names kinda go with this.
Deadweight, Smurf, Sparkles (when my hair is down, apparently I look like a pony), "Free Hugs Guy", twiggy, Elton John, socks, Mr. Popular, that's all I can remember for now. . .
Hawk. The Hawk

Of course any derogatory term the general narrow minded could think of.


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