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so ive been thinkin bout gettin a new pair of 14 docs and i was wondering wat design want on them my brothers is a professional tattoo artist and is amazing so i think ill have him do it with paint markers but i dont know what to get any ideas i could use some help

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Do things that relate to you, slogans, mottos, logos, etc are all great
nice pic same as myspace rite dru
i say go for anything random , anti political , facism. anti nazi stuff , anything that says , fuck it! to the world basically mate, , put song lyrics or parts of song lyrics on if need be!
how about a no nazis on inside leg part and my nickname faile on back goin down maybe on outside of one a cartoon me stamping out nazis and the other boot a crass circle on inside leg and random tattoo design involving a fist slaming obamas big government? n e thoughts
i like the words around the toe with crass on toe what are some good anti commie things huh
just no there docs dnt spoil them


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