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so im curious to know what piercings you all have,and tattoos also.

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I have an aum and a guitar turning into a pitchfork tattooed on my right arm. I had to take all my piercings, but I had 2 gauge plugs in my ears, 6 ga septum, 14 ga bridge and at one point my left nipple.
whyd you have to take them out?
well, i work in a hellsa fancy office in scottsdale, and if you've ever been to scottsdale, youll know what i'm talking about. ppl call it the next beverly hills. its fuckin lame!!!!! but anyway, it sux cuz they are hellsa strict about appearance there so, yeah. but i let my freak flag fly high on the weekends!
i have 13 piercings , all in my ears.. now that im living with my boyfriend and not my parents i can get more and the tattoos ive been is an issue though..
Ok, have 4 labrette, 3 in my tongue, two per eyebrow, anti-tragus and rook in one ear, "scaffold" and 14mm stretch in other ear, septum, two surface bars in my nape, one surface bar in my wrist, one nipple and two "other" ;)

As for tattoo's, one on my left leg, one on the top of each arm, and one on my chest, intend on gettin a lot more though!
dude give us a update man....what have you got since....pierced an inked here to bro
I have eleven piercings: 00g lobes, 6g lobes, 0gconches, 12g lower conches, tongue web, and muh nipples. :) hoping to get tattooed soon but still deciding what i want.
update: I now have 16. Just got a five point surface piercing star around my navel. i fucking love it.
check my profile and you can see my tats im hopping to get more soon i have my ear perced 3 times and im thinking about getting my lip pearced
I have 17 piercings, 4 in each lobe, 4 in my left cartilidge and 2 in my right. I also have 2 nostril piercings and my labret.

I have 3 tattoos- 2 cat paw prints (to remember my moggies) and a bad religion cross buster
3 in each lobe, 3 upper left ear cartilage , both nipples 10g, apadravya (head of penis, 5 in the sack hafada, 10ga septum more to come ????????? Tattoo on shoulder and forarm


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