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both nazis and openly admit to it it, please ban these fuckers now.

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just ban 'em make a point that this website does not support racist activity of any kind, even if that activity is just posting things on the website of their racist veiws.
Whats wrong with you? Why is everyone always okay with everything? Since when has the 'punk' subculture been okay with racists? Wtf? Where did I miss out?

I couldn't read through the thread, I started laughing so hard I almost cried. Or vice verca
So I should be okay with the fact that the racists in my town draw swatikas all over the place? Because of freeedom of speech? Fuck off, haha. Gee, I haven't laughed so hard for hours. I'm gonna leave this page if their group doesn't get deleted.

It's hard not to attack them, they're too stupid for me to take them seriously.
I really hope with all my heart that every fascist idiot on this page knows that Germany hates you.
And here's a Nietzsche quote i like; "I am going to ensure that every nazi will be killed".

There are a lot of flaws in your argument, man.

1. No one here (excluding the nazis in question) has said that we were "okay" with racism. That is a generalization and is therefore incorrect.

2. No newsletter went out saying that the "punk" subculture accepted racists. No one person can speak for an entire culture, that would be assenine.

3. Freedom of speech only goes so far and as far as I know vandalism is not protected by it (in the case of your local nazis) and is an irrelevant discussion.

4. Nietzsche died in 1900 and the nazis weren't around then so that's a misquote.

To clarify: We who are against the ban do not SUPPORT OR APPROVE of nazism. We just feel that until they actively engage in hostile arguments and slander users in the forum with hate speech, their presence should be tolerated (but not approved of mind you). That much is protected by free speech and human rights. Discrimination itself is wrong, and should not be utilized until the situation becomes belligerent. Let people do what they want as long as they don't do anything hostile or hateful, and when they do you will have good reason to ban them.

You should have read the entire thread instead of getting your emotions riled up by a handful of ignorant people with loaded words.
1. then why are you being friends with them?

2. hehe, so you would believe it if it was written in a newspaper? okay then
over half of the people on this page(like you) are okay with having racists around, i think thats proof enough.

3. i don't give a rats ass about freedom of speech, i dont want nazis talking at all, really.

4. then my school book has misquoted him. i blame them.

oh yes you do. you approve by letting them spread their filth.
i'm not friends with the nazis dude. I'm friends with Deathwank or whatever his name is these days (I haven't been on in awhile) because he wasn't the one spreading hate messages and posted civilly in the forums. He changed his name because of this forum, and to be honest how serious do you think he is? Nazis would have persecuted people like him anyways for being so different. An intelligent person would have picked up on this.

Approval of the nazi ideals cannot be reduced to a convenient "either or" statement as you so quaintly put. You sound just like George Fucking Bush with that "you're either with us or against us" bullshit, you're ridiculous. If they spread their filth that would insinuate that they were speaking hate and bashing minorities in the forums. We are AGAINST that. Because that indeed is ban worthy.

Freedom of speech is what allows vacuous morons like you to even be heard so it should matter to you considerably. Know your rights. Then know that others have the same rights as you. Then respect it until they give you good reason not to. Only then will there be any kind of real understanding. You're just a juiced up punk fanboy who has a very close minded and ignorant perception of the world around you to be talking like that. You are about as dense as Jerry Falwell or any other religious fundamentalist you care to think of.
let me put this as "quainttly" as i can:

stfu bitch, stop being such an accepting pussy.

you're either with us, or against us ;)
Spreading filth is not BASHING, it's letting them speak in our forums, spreading their white trash bullshit or even having discussions with them.
no one would have liked the nazis if they started bashing around jews and gays right from the start.
hehe, anyways you can't really bash people online.

who said i'm punk? i'm anti-racist. I don't have a mohawk, i don't rip my clothes and i lsiten to a lot of different music.

and look, freedom of speech applies to people who don't support gay/foriegn/handicap hatred. You should know what the KKK and the NS have done before, I can't accept people who are not strictly against them, because that is som heavy hippie bullshit you're talking right there.
maybe it's different when you're from eastern europe(or europe in general). I know what ethnical cleansing really means, i've experienced it. I got over half of my family killed by serbian fascists, and people like YOU are the reason they didn't get stopped before it was to late.
And no, i'm not talking about WW2.
so, fuck you you fucking cunt

now i'm outta here, so you can have fun with the NS, the KKK and all the other "family men with mohwaks" out there.

that was funny lol i sympathize with your loss however, i cannot accept your opinion. I too have lost family and friends to racism and discrimination (perhaps you have heard of the IRA?). what i am trying to point out is that by promoting hostility you become what you hate. everyone should stop the physical manifestation of hatred and intolerance when they see it, it is their responsibility. What you fail to understand is that human rights and freedoms apply to everyone until they do something to break that social contract, words alone cannot do that and you cannot censor and restrict people who are different than you based on different points of view. If you did where would it end? Again you become what you hate. I tolerate all walks and paths until their actions conflict with a peaceable way of life. That is where you and I would agree.

As you have nothing more intelligent to say, I encourage you to re-evaluate your own life and grow up. Hatred met with hatred without reason is nothing more than a perpetuation of a self destructive way of life and you encourage more genocide and blind unquestionable loyalties to governments that would seek to do it.

What I speak is not hippie ramblings but rather common sense. If you are upset about the internet then you need to think about what is really worth fighting over. Calling me a cunt or hippy does nothing to further your point of view. : )
They refuse to do anything about it, so i am assuming they are, i would call that justified.
please clarify? I'm not entirely sure what you meant to convey.
Im a racist. A number of different people of different races throughout history have had intercouse resulting in the ultimate race... Me. You see since these people were of mixed races of varying degrees this race cannot be duplicated so no one else in the world shares the same race as me. Therefore I am genetically superior to everyone so fuck all of you inferior peices of shit.
umm so your argument is that: because we are all different.. and therefore all equal.. then that makes u.. better? than everyone else?

i dont think your brain was working when u wrote this, or, perhaps not atall ever!



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