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Hey guys, I can currently get my mohawk up fine using usual technique (got2b + hairdryer). Just after some advice on washing out the spray. When I take a shower it is fucking horrible to get out, I rinse it through and shampoo it a few times, but find it is still very tangled and matted (can't get a comb through it at all). When I put conditioner through it, it all off a sudden becomes manageable and untangled. I comb it a few times and wash out the conditioner and its all fine.

But heres the thing, loads of you guys swear by NOT conditioning, and I'm just wondering how you manage to do this? Because I think without conditioner my hair may stay up that bit longer when I go out which would be sweet.


Also, can anyone tell me a substitute for "Aquanet", I dont think anywhere here in the UK sells it :(


Ciao! lozz.



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  • Don't use conditioner before putting your hair up, reason why is that it clogges the pores so the spray doesn't stick as well. It's okay to use it when you wash it out, though.
  • Somebody who knows more than me might be able to answer this, but my hair is also very matted and tangled when I don't use conditioner, but DO NOT try to comb wet hair, it breaks the ends off, eventually making your hair shorter and thiner in some places. Wait for it to dry, then brush out all the knotted places. Don't use a comb for brushing your hair, it'll just rip tangled hair out or break it, but it is okay to use a comb to put it up (assuming thats how you do it)
  • any shampoo that says "anti-residual"  is basically the same thing, like Neutrogena Anti-Residue Shampoo. I'm guessing you saw a video on youtube telling you to use that shampoo, but some peoples hair reacts different to certain products.
Hope this helps!
I don't know how to explain this but I'm gonna give it a shot so if it doesn't make sense I'm sorry haha. When I'm washing out my hairspray I rinse it as much as I can to loosen everything up and then I grab the tip of my hawk in one hand and the base in the other and wiggle it back and forth ( one hand to the left the other to the right, going back and forth.. I know this must not make sense..) doing that breaks up your hair so that the hairspray washes out easier. So I do that all through my hawk until it's mostly broken up (being under the shower head the whole time so it's continually rinsing out the hairspray) then I shampoo, working it in, doing the sane wiggling motion on any clumps. Rinse and shampoo again until I get it all out then condition. Conditioning is very good for hair and should not be skipped when washing out your hairspray!

As Steve said, don't condition the day before putting your hair up it's best not to even wash it a day or so before hand. Your hairs natural oils can make it easier to stand as well as help protect your hair from damage.

Aquanet is just a cheap brand of hairspray, try experimenting with brands available to you to find one that works good for you.

"and wiggle it back and forth"

for some reason my mind is full of I WHIP MY HAIR BACK AND FORTH I WHIP MY HAIR BACK AND FORTH.


I think he's talking about the aquanet shampoo, first sentence says he uses got2b spray

Aquanet makes shampoo?? I've never heard of it.. I figured he'd heard of the aquanet spray and wanted to try it but it wasn't available XD
Yea, theres a "how to fan a mohawk" video on youtube where the guy says to use aquanet shampoo and spray
I use virgin olive oil once a week in my hair, helps it grow faster, gets rid of the fried feeling and keeps my hair soft for styling...I just take about a half a cup and get that all over my hair and leave it for hours if I can, also sometimes I add a small amount of cinnamon oil to that which helps with the split ends and frizz I get sometimes. Also I use aussie leave in conditioning spray after each shower and I try to avoid shampoo unless my hair is actually dirty, to keep from stripping the natural oils in my hair. ( greasy, smoke/dirt and after using alot of products ) The aussie conditioner ( called hair insurance ) is very light and doesn't make my hair greasy or too heavy. My hawk when I had it could stand on end ( at about 5 inches or a bit more ) without any product when I blow dried it to stand up... I then used a pomade at the roots instead of just hairspray for height...but make sure to use a heavy hold pomade or your base will be wobbly and not stiff enough to get the mohawk effect. Also I avoided all hairsprays that had alot of alcohol in them, and splurged on a better brand that had less alcohol, you can find them at salons anywhere. Cheap hairspray is hell on fine hair that is overly processed like mine. 
Cheers for the responses everyone. I went and bought some shampoo by pantene pro-v today, it claims on the back to be made to remove build ups of residue which sounds like the right stuff.

Corpsequeen you say not to wash it for a day or two before putting up?!?! I've always found it far harder to put up when it is greasy, it seems to take on the hairspray much easier straight after washing and drying. Does anyone else not wash it before putting up their mohawk?
U used to put my hair up after days of not washing, it works, but its quicker to do freshly clean. BUT, as I've said before, what works for one person might not work for the other
whoops, "I used to put my hair up..."
Everyones different when it comes down to it. I have a bitch of a time trying to put up my hawk if it's super clean. I know alot of people are the same. This actually the first time ive ever heard people say they have an easier time doing it straight after shampooing
I think less taken care of hair (like mine) needs to be clean because its not as porous, while more maintained hair is easier to tame (try saying that 5 times fast!)
Yeah before I put up my hawk I dont wash it for at least a day or two, washing my hawk even without conditioning still makes it incredibly hard to put up, i have thick hair so there might be a difference


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