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So no doubt you have heard about SOPA(Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA(Protect Intellectual Property Act) which would basically allow corporations and the government shut down websites without trial and overall censor the internet. So what are your thoughts?

This is an informational page put out by Google

Here you can learn more and even E-Sign the petition to not have these bills passed.

Along with signing you can also write to your local House Representatives and State Senators.

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While this video has been used for other things, the writing is pretty good in this one and makes me laugh while also getting the point across about SOPA/PIPA in a funny way using Hitler as an anti SOPA/PIPA spokesperson.

Here are my thoughts that I left on another blog about SOPA / PIPA. Btw, if it passes, most likely this website could easily be shutdown. Even the funny hitler video below could not be created. The entertainment goons have tried pulling videos down just for having a song playing in the background of a funny baby video.
Terrible laws written by an industry that refuses to evolve and gained approval by old politicians that still think the internet is a series of pipes or if we put too much military equipment on one side of Guam it will flip over. Basically, attach enough campaign money to an overly complicated idea and you can get Congress to go for it. That is unless you understand the dynamics of the 3rd wave by Alvin Toffler and how this 2nd wave mentality will eventually be overthrown by the very types of revolts against old school mentality that was shown yesterday. I think it was an awesome way to fight back. We don’t need an internet like China where the government decides what you can and cannot read about, except in this case its large entertainment deciding what we should have access toward.

Piracy is a problem, but shirking the problem onto the government and websites allowing freedom of speech is a lazy tactic that industry continually practices like suing 12 year olds for illegal MP3s. Change your business model, lock up your security, participate in the new world, don’t just go out and buy uneducated politicians with plans that will stop the informational wave just so you can continue living in the industrial wave of production.

Very well said I think with precise targeting pirating can be taken care of in a more effective manner

in my opinion, SOPA will possibly make piracy a bigger deal and more of a "black market" type item, and sure by all means, media associations have the right and duty to protect their product, but the bills will take it to far. whole websites will be shutdown for just one piece of pirated material, or at least thats what i gather from what ive read and heard. goodbye facebook, youtube, itunes, google, wikipedia, everything


That's pretty much it in a nutshell. They have gone way to far with it
Yeah for now, but for how long because it will be back but hopefully the revisions will make it a decent bill
I feel we should be educated for when the time comes because no doubt there will be a day we have to make ourselves heard
That's when we'll all just have to go anarcho on them lol


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