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sorry. i know i probably sound really idiotic. But how do you put those studs on jackets and ...where do ya find the studs? 'cause the closest thing i have found to look for stuff like that in ak is Hot Topic....and they are no help.

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Go to theyre the cheapest studs i could find. I was online shopping at Hot Topic and their studs are ridiculously overpriced. The studs have these things sticking out ( idk what theyre called) and you just stick it thru the jacket, and take plyers and fold them over. If the jackets thick material, punch of hole in the jacket first, then put in the stud,
theres videos on youtube on how to stud a jacket too.
hope this helps :)
haha i originally tried using my fingers, but im not strong enough, so yeah.
Denim should work fine. I personally wouldn't go out and buy a real nice expensive one. But whatever floats yer boat
the blunt end of a butterknife works well too.
try a dart
rulers and screw drivers work well
so do darts
yes darts are your best bet... or sometimes those dollar store swiss knives have leather punches.. if you dont have any darts.
see! darts...........
ya know what jackets are the best for em? i have some cheapy denim ones i can play around with but i wana know for when i get a good one.
go to a thrift store they usually have some already worn in jackets that are good for that kind of thing
i blame darts


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