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Hi people,

As my profile picture suggests i do not shave the sides of my head.

This is going to change this summer because im going on a holiday since a long time so i figured i would shave the sides to celebrate this. 

I want the sides to be totally bald but i want to do this myself but i have no idea how. I spend quite some time on my hair every day but i have never shaved my own head before.

Maybe some of you guys can help me with some pictures of you guys where the sides are shaved bald and the mohawk is not too long. (max. 15cm - 6 inch)

If any of you shave your own head can you please give me some information of a detailed description of how i should do it?

Thanks in advance!


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I have mine shaved short with the standard hair clippers. I suffer from an incurable form of dermatitis and was standing at the mirror debating what I should do. (I was about to dye my 'hawk.)

I'm going to use shaving cream and my razor.

I sat in my room for about a half an hour yesterday trying to decide whether to completely shave the sides clean. Eventually, I did talk myself into it. Wasn't as bad as I thought and today there are no completely bald patches anymore. The hair is already growing back.

As far as shaving the sides with the clippers, it's not as bad as you think! The first time is always the most difficult; but once you do go through with it, you'll love it and won't think a second thought about it the next time it needs trimming!

there are a bunch of youtube tutorials as well. take the plunge!

Gettting your sides shaved is something that most people that start out with the traditional fauxhawk have trouble doing. It's scary.....partly because of the "rebel" factor that most of us have inside but never really show, and partly because it just seems so radical to do. But the feeling you get from shaved sides just cannot be explained. You just have to trust what all the people that have gotten them done are saying. It feels so awesome and really makes a Mohawk look so great. 

What I did to start with was to shave my side down to say a #2 or #3 guard witht the razor. Then you can always go shorter later. I would get your hairstylist to do it, especially the firest few times anyway. If you think you can do it yourself later, you can try, but it isn't the easiest. Most Salons don't charge much to just shave the sides and myself, I leave it to them. I have done it myself, but really prefer a professional that is standing beside me not using a mirror. It just works better that way.

Now go out and get your sides done and let me know how it went!! :-)

When I 'shave' the sides now, I just use hairdresser's scissors to crop it to the skin.  After a few days, the hair has grown already where any slight variation is not noticeable.  But it is really useful to have a hand mirror for doing the sides & back.  I just brush the 'mohawk' hair over to the side to keep it out the way while cutting the sides off.


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