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OK, so I need help with teasing my hair out. No matter what I try I can't seem to get my hair to tease up. Basically, what happens is I start by combing up a section of hair, holding it up tight, back combing with the teasing comb starting at about 1/3 of its length and slowly working my way up to the top and then move on to the next section. No matter how much I tease I can't get my hair to stand; all I get is a knotty mess that flops right over. My hair is also really smooth and fine; this means that it slides through my hands and anything else really easily. My hawk really isnt very long; only about 4.5 inches so it should stand atleast a bit but it just falls down. I don't want to do a deathhawk style; I want it to still look like a mohawk but teased to hell; here's some pics to show what I want:

Please help me with this; I have no idea what to do at this point.

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okay. don't spray heavily on the top. basically jus when put your hair up, only spray the bottom half of it, so it's fuzzy still on top. then add just enough to the top half to make it stand up. No teasing required. Doing this will give you the third mohawk photo
The guy who posted the third photo (on another site) gave a brief description of his method and said it was done by teasing his hair up, lightly spraying, and then shaping it with his hands. He didn't go into much detail though.
Try "headbanging" while spraying the shit out of your hair (so its pretty evenly covered with hairspray).

Then pull up sections and spray them in place. That should give the effect you want.
that's brilliant
haha.. just about everyone says their hair doesnt tease when they 1st try it. ive said that aswell when i 1st tried to tease my hair years back. its not the hair its how its being done. lets seeee... use some really good hairspray. "rave 4x" is great and is what i stick with. try washing n drying your hair before you tease it, so its dry and not oily. ive learned that mine teases how i prefer after ive washed and straighten it. now when you tease it, start at the base. grab the section n spray a bit of hair spray. dont drench it or have it too wet cuz it wont dry fast enough. tease the base and work up to half way of the length of your hair and then repeat the process one more time on that section. if its not standing up thats alrite but start on the next section of hair and repeat the processes through out yer hawk so the entire base and half of yer hawk is teased. if you want yer hawk to look fanned out, then when you tease the new section of hair be sure to add a little bit of the previous teased section along with the section your currently teasing. well once youve done all this and yer hair is all teased and looks all deathrock like.. you can now get yer hair spray hold up a section of yer hair and spray at the roots blow dry it then spray the top of that section and blow dry it and then do it to the rest of yer hawk. im sure this aallll sounds confusing, and maybe it is , but youll get the hang of it and eventually have you own way of doing it. since your hair is short itll be easier to tease and get the hang of. so when yer hawk is longer you wont have trouble. well if i made this perplexing or didnt explain something very well and still need help you can message me B]
Wow, thanks allot for this; I think it’s the most informative comment about teasing on this site. Just one question though; when you pull up your hair after its been teased do you use your hand, a comb, or something else? Using a comb would take out all the knots wouldn’t it?
well at 4 1/2 inches using your hand to to hold it as you spray it will work just fine on its own. when it gets longer i would say tease the upper half a little bit after the whole hawk is teased, then use your hand and spray it. yeah, as youre teasing yer hair and you see knots use the pick end of the comb to straighten it out. also when you wash it out id suggest to lather yer hair with shampoo just to get the hairspray weak and somewhat out. dont comb it out when its lathered with shampoo. rinse it out then use conditioner to comb/brush out yer hair. conditioner makes it so much easier and less painful
I've got to be honest. I've tried everything in my hair, clean, dirty, with product, without product, standing up, upside down, with a hairdryer, without, low humidity days, high humidity days (which really does affect my hair a lot to begin with haha) etc etc

I've never been able to.
Neither has anyone else who has touched my hair. =( =( =(
I feel your pain man. Good luck!


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