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Recently, I m fuckin‘ into mohawk style, but I m afraid whether it suits me . some of my co-wokers might laugh at me.



I think I need some help about hawk and should I buzz my sick hair into hawk


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I think you should go for it......if you don't want to jump in with both feet to start, that's cool.....just get the sides trimmed to a #2 and get your new Hawk done at say a #5 or 6. In effect, you will be starting out with more of a fauxhawk, but that's where I started.....then as you get used to it, and your co-workers too, you can move into more of a mohawk style if you want. My coworkers were awesome....most of them actually thought it looked good on me. All of us on MohawksRock will help you out....that's what it's all about! Any questions, just ask! What do ya think? 

great idea, I just confuse if it suits me or not . If I failed to manage it, it would be suuuuuck

do it !! its only hair if you dont like it you can always start over. i never looked back but i did kinda grow into it after startin out small...but dude some people will laugh.. fuck em......some people will give you abuse...fuck em ... but  in my experience 99% of people love it ..ul deffo get attention.

 I m confused about whether it suits me or not

if you dont try ul never know

if dont give a fuck wot people think then it l suit ya

U know if I try it , it ll be hard to get back to the original one. I dont know WHY I ve been addicted in being a punx these days( Motherfucker!). However, I m a designer for a magazine. 

First and foremost - be yourself, do it for yourself.  You'll always get some who smile or laugh, but then you'll also get a lot of folk who'll admire it too.  I see no reason why you wouldn't suit a mohawk from your picture.

And if you don't like it, you can always buzz it off completely.  You can always wait until you have some time off work and try it at the start of the holiday and decide if it suits you during that time.

 I ll take it into account,thx,buddy

YOLO dude, only one way to know for sure so go for it, your hair is not long anyway so if it's not to your taste you can grow it back in a few months no worries. Live the dream dude.

u r right , sometimes it s not easy to make a big step, u know

Mate, its not a big step at all, its just a haircut. Do it. Now.


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