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Recently, I m fuckin‘ into mohawk style, but I m afraid whether it suits me . some of my co-wokers might laugh at me.



I think I need some help about hawk and should I buzz my sick hair into hawk


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yup, that s right. I ll buzz tomrrow

Good lad! Next up you'll be bleaching and dying it.

You will be will be excited yet scared at the same time......but as the Stylist cuts off your sides, you will start to see that it is looking good and will want to continue. As I said earlier, if you want, tell the Stylist to start by taking your sides down to a #2 or even a #3 and then you can decide as you don't have to go all the way to start. Allow at least an hour to hour and a half at the Salon cause it shouldn't be rushed. Make sure you get a Stylist that is up on this type of style too.....take some pics from this Site with you and show them to the Stylist. Put some pics on later when it's done.....enjoy your Hawk!

it s time

Hey, job done, THANK FUCK! :)

Cut your entire head off and if after a week you don't like it then get a mohawk.

What other people will think should never be a factor when deciding to do something for yourself. If YOU want it then YOU do it! What others have to say or think is no concern and you certainly shouldn't let it affect you.

As to whether or not it suits you that is something that you just don't know until you try it. (which judging by your picture I am assuming you did). Don't be afraid to try new things, specially not something like hair which always grows back if you don't like it!


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